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Horseracing in Maryland Thrown Lifeline for 2012

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on December 22, 2011

The horseracing industry in Maryland has been dealing with uncertainty regarding its future for some time now. While in many other states horseracing tracks have onsite slot machine gambling, the only track to have this facility in Maryland is the harness racing track of Ocean Downs. Horseracing in the United States has been hard hit by the country's economic turmoil, and while casino gambling doesn't make horseracing a more financially viable sport, it does help cover the costs of running racetracks.

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Banning Lasix

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on December 13, 2011

My name is Glenn Thompson and I am a thoroughbred horse trainer with over 30 years experience in training. Throughout my career I have been fighting the bleeding issue with my horses, sometimes winning and sometimes losing. I am not sure what has been the cause for the bleeding to get so bad, but I do know that it has gotten much worse as the years have passed. It could be a combination of a few things: The steroids that were legal all those years; the over-use of antibiotics; the anti-inflammatories; or even the pesticides used in the hay, straw and oat fields.

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Luck – Revealing the Multi-Faceted World of Horseracing

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on December 8, 2011

Often referred to as the "Sport of Kings", horseracing has had more than its share of controversy during its history. Today, with casinos collaborating with the horseracing industry, and advances in modern technology bringing simulcast racing to many venues, the sport is perceived by many to be just another form of gambling. This perception is challenged by horseracing enthusiasts who are involved with the equine athletes that stir up so much excitement on race-day. A new television series, set to premiere on 11 December, may very well change the general public's understanding about horseracing, as it addresses all aspects of the sport, including the role of owners, jockeys, punters and various gaming entities, as well as the horses themselves.

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