Pete Scarmardo, the humble Success Story

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on June 11, 2009

The world of horse racing is competitive. It can also be a cut throat business, and wealthy owners and successful trainers can often be spotted a mile away. Strutting their success at each racing event, some horse owners enjoy the notoriety and spotlight that comes with each victory and horse racing champion. But then there are others that are hardly spoken about, as they avoid the celebrity status and go about their daily business as any other member of the public would. One of these humble horse racing success stories involves a respected and admired member of the racing community, Pete Scarmardo.

Pete Scarmardo did not make his fortune in horse racing, or come from a long line of horse racing enthusiasts. He has made his money as he still does today, with the buying and selling of cattle. As owner of the Scarmardo Cattle Company, Pete Scarmardo considers himself a cattleman first and foremost, carrying on the family tradition. Horse racing is merely his hobby, even though he has excelled in this competitive world and become one of the leading horse owners at Sam Houston Race Park. Scarmardo is a humble man, and without some people having the knowledge about his massive cattle business, no-one would suspect that he ran a multi-million operation and owned some of the best quarter horses in the industry.

With horses such as This Hawk Can Fly, being a part of Scarmardo’s line-up of champion horses, he has become one of the top four Quarter Horse owners in the industry. With his now grown children having an interest in horses and various equine disciplines, Scarmardo has been around these majestic athletes for some time, but his own personal interest was only sparked a few years ago. Even though his horses perform spectacularly at almost every racing event, Scarmardo prefers being behind the scenes and enjoying his victories in private. But still he does not view himself as a horseman, although he understands the commitment and expenses that keep the sport of horse racing alive, saying: “Horse racing is my hobby. (Major) races in Texas offer good purses. Everyday claiming races do not. When you only win the cheaper races, it’s hard to pay your training and veterinary bills. If you’re racing horses in Texas, you’d better have a good day job.” No matter how Scarmardo classifies himself, he is undoubtedly one of the top success stories in the Quarter Horse racing industry.




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