British Racecourse Association

The British Racecourse Association (RCA) is a trade organisation which represents 58 of Britain’s racecourses and which organises and oversees a number of races across the country. It is also one of the major bodies within the horse racing industry in Britain, both in terms of size and importance. It oversees both flat racing and jumping and is located in Winkfield Road in Ascot, Berkshire.

Many people are surprised to learn that the RCA oversees racing at 58 well maintained tracks all over Britain. Of these, sixteen are used strictly for flat racing, twenty-four are used for jumping and a further nineteen enjoy facilities for both, as well as artificial surfaces for all-weather racing. Together, these tracks see roughly five million people enter their gates to enjoy the races each year. Each course offers it’s own unique atmosphere and there are a wide variety of racing styles and courses to suit every budget and taste. The courses host a number of top-notch races and quite often, racing greats make a start to successful careers under the watchful eyes of the thousands who have flocked to the stands that day to bet on their favourite horse.

The horse industry in Britain is every bit as alive today as it was a hundred years ago. Millions of people across the country still engage in horse riding as a popular form of recreation while still others prefer to spend their time watching these fabulous animals make their way around the track or arena. Horse racing is certainly not unpopular and makes for an entertaining day out for the whole family. Children under the age of seventeen can gain free admission at all racecourses as long as an adult accompanies them. Students and pensioners can enjoy concessions so there is really no excuse to miss out. The British Racecourse Association ensures that all races are adequately covered and that the health of the horses remains of paramount importance at all racing events.


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Ashok - 2011-02-20 16:47:51

I want to work in uk as a horse rider. Recently i m a rider in hyderabad race club in india. Can u help me to provide this job.

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Helena Wanerstrand - 2010-08-20 15:31:39

I have a question: How many race horse trainers are there in the UK? Would be great if you could give me this figure! Thanks in advance!

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