Emirates Racing Authority

The Emirates Racing Authority is a vital governing body for the United Arab Emirates' horse racing industry. Internationally recognized as the main authority in horse racing for the region, the Emirates Racing Authority is responsible for the administration of horse racing along with the implementation of vital UAE Rules of Racing, licensing of racehorse trainers, licensing of jockeys, licensing of stable staff, licensing of sport officials and the registration of race horses in the Emirates. The organization manages race entries and declarations for race meetings throughout the UAE. The Association also cares for the ever important Emirates Thoroughbred Stud Book.

The Chairman of the Emirates Racing Authory is His Highness Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Racehorses that compete in the United Arab Emirates are thoroughbreds and Arabians. The UAE has five racecourses, namely: Ghantoot, Abu Dhabi, Nad Al Sheba (home of the Dubai Racing Club), Jebel Ali and Sharjah. Typically 6 races are held at a meeting.

The Emirates Racing Authority is responsible for managing the Stud Book. The Emirates Thoroughbred Stud Book was created so that breeders and owners of newly foaled thoroughbred horses in the United Arab Emirates can register them in an official capacity. After registering the foal they are issued with a passport allowing them to race in the Emirates and throughout the world. As the Emirates Thoroughbred Stud Book forms a part of the Emirates Racing Association, it is completely separate from all horse breeders. The International Stud Book Committee has officially recognized and approved the Emirates Thoroughbred Stud Book. The Emirates Stud Book is also a member on the Asian Stud Book Committee. An additional register is kept to record horses that are not qualified to be placed in the Stud Book. It is therefore vital that all horses used in racing and breeding be registered.

Another division of the Emirates Racing Authority is the Veterinary Department. This section plays an important role in both racing and quarantining. The Veterinary Department works to create and implement procedures and systems for the administration of horse racing in UAE. Professionals in the department offer advice to the Board and assist it in completing its roles. They ensure the welfare and health of race horses is cared for. At the racetrack, members of the department are involved in drug sampling and other veterinary services. The Emirates Racing Authority is vital to the continued success of horse racing in the UAE.


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daniel beukes - 2010-08-11 21:46:23

i always read the amount of love and time and money that get put in the developtment of horseracing in the emirates.and it is just fair the The Shaikºs horses are also doing well in racing.I am stating in angola,one of the fastes growing crountries in the world.i would like to know if the Sheik cant help me to astablish horse racing or indurance racing in this beautiful country.i have many hears of racing in namibia where racing is not proffessional. i bought my horses in south africa.i am champion now for six years in namibia.i also won in botswana in 2008.thank you for your time.ps.i can help with the terrain and the set up off all the legal documents.

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