Basics of Odds Betting in Horse Racing

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on March 26, 2007

Where and how can a newcomer start sports betting in horse racing? Most of the web sites are full of jargon and confusing tables. Some gambling sites are suspicious, and one never knows whether they violate national laws. The sport is not easier for a novice to follow at the average race course. Horse racing has such a passionate following that the sight of punters pouring over books, watching video consoles, and in animated discussion with each other, can be most daunting for the uninitiated.

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Horse Racing You Can Trust

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on March 19, 2007

Horse racing is a special kind of gambling, and the recent spread of simulcast wagering brings new punters from other forms of online gambling by the day and in enormous numbers. Horse racing offers systematic winning techniques and transparent systems which gives sports betting enthusiasts fair odds.

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Virtual Horse Racing

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on March 17, 2007

For many horseracing enthusiasts, owning, training and racing horses is merely a dream. The expenses that are involved in the sport is far beyond what many of us can afford. But there is hope for us dreamers out there, and that is the world of virtual horse racing. Within this world, you are able to live out your dreams and be the boss over your very own stable yard. The sites are so realistic and true to the real racing world that you will find yourself, dedicated to your horses and building a stable yard with enthusiasm.

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Horse Racing Lessons for Government from Quebec

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on March 14, 2007

Controversy surrounds the role of governments in the world of horse racing. It is tempting to ask politicians and bureaucrats to stay away from the complexities of sports betting and race track operation, but the handsome contributions from taxes makes it tempting for tempting for administrators to try and exert as much control over operators as they can. There is the inevitable element of playing to the galleries of pressure groups opposed to horse racing as well!

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New Technology for More Humane Horse Racing

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on March 12, 2007

We are now within sight of a more caring era in horse racing. Foals born from now on need no longer have to retire from competition, much less put down because of injuries sustained in the sport of horse racing.

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The Vodafone Oaks

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on March 5, 2007

Not every thoroughbred can withstand the horse racing challenge of the track at the Epsom Downs. That is why feminists should cheer the Vodafone Oaks, for it is for fillies alone! Racecourse authorities have certainly got in to the act, because this event is an occasion for much preening of the feathers by the ladies of Great Britain!.

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