New Technology for More Humane Horse Racing

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on March 12, 2007

We are now within sight of a more caring era in horse racing. Foals born from now on need no longer have to retire from competition, much less put down because of injuries sustained in the sport of horse racing.

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The Vodafone Oaks

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on March 5, 2007

Not every thoroughbred can withstand the horse racing challenge of the track at the Epsom Downs. That is why feminists should cheer the Vodafone Oaks, for it is for fillies alone! Racecourse authorities have certainly got in to the act, because this event is an occasion for much preening of the feathers by the ladies of Great Britain!.

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No Learning Center Shortcuts to Horse Racing Handicapping!

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on February 27, 2007

The magnetic prospects of making a quick fortune from horse racing place every Learning Center in high demand. However, punters who have thrived for years on earnings from the sport, warn that understanding handicapping does not involve facility with numbers alone.

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Horse Racing Enthusiasts of Tomorrow

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on February 19, 2007

Most horse racing enthusiasts will agree that children should be exposed to the joys of loving horses, and to learning to look after them, early in life. Many opponents of the sport equate horse racing to senseless and exploitative gambling, and have no equine knowledge at first hand. Your children need not take to horse racing in the classical sense, but all young people can benefit from close association with horses, and an absorbing outdoor pastime.

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A Horse Racing Legend Moves On

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on February 16, 2007

He passed on as he lived in horse racing - with dignity and surrounded by admirers. Twenty-seven is a good age for a horse, but that does not reduce anyone’s sorrow at the passing away of Desert Orchid. Few other thoroughbreds have evinced such universal respect in the world of horse racing.

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Fun for the family on a Horse Racing Vacation

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on February 15, 2007

How about a combo of top horse racing for your spouse and you, and fun for the kids, all in one trip? Shop around for a great value deal to Kuala Lumpur, to try out such an experience in real life! Malaysia has a rich tradition of equestrian sports, and Kuala Lumpur has developed a range of tourist attractions with special value for children.

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