The Supreme Horse Racing Spectacle at Ellerslie

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on January 29, 2007

The Ellerslie Racecourse comes as a pleasant surprise for horse racing enthusiasts because it is easy to forget the thunderous excitement of the sport in the sublime environs of Auckland. Ellerslie is an especially quiet and graceful part of the North Island of New Zealand, and has a restful atmosphere of its own, though it is, in civic terms, no more than a small suburb of Auckland.

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A Pure and Isolated Horse Breed

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on January 22, 2007

Icelandic horses are as shaggy as you would suspect, but surprisingly short and diminutive. They were introduced by the Vikings, and have remained genetically pure as imports from other continents and countries have been banned for some time. Icelandic horses are gentle by nature, almost as though they have been gifted with personalities to go with their gentle frames. They are just right for novices to riding.

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Dreaming of that Racehorse

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on January 15, 2007

The surge of excitement, the thundering sound of hooves on the race track and the gleaming, muscular bodies of the racehorse, often inspires spectators dreams of owning just such an animal. With it’s grace and strength, and undeniable beauty it is easy for some to want to buy a horse from the race track, to take home and ride. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the life that a racehorse lives, has no idea what he is fed, and does not understand that what might seem to be abnormal behavior, is merely what he knows.

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Jorge Chavez – A Famous Name in Horse Racing!

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on January 8, 2007

Though many famous and infamous South Americans share the family name, Chavez should be recalled fondly in the horse racing world. Jorge Chavez lives in Garden City, New York, but was born in Callao, Peru. The millions of dollars he has won from riding horses, and the pulsating enjoyment he has given thousands of horse racing lovers, is far removed from Jorge’s humble beginnings.

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Are Profits Sustainable from Wagering on Horse Races?

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on January 1, 2007

Techniques of odds betting in horse racing sport have changed for ever since the development of related software. The best veterans have always struggled to keep track of myriad variables in their minds alone. The best analyses go awry because just one factor related to horse, rider, track, weather, and the competition varies just slightly. This has lent an element of uncertainty to the sport, which has even served to add to its romance! Some of the best tales in horse racing revolve as much around steep losses, as about famous wins!

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Looking Back, then Forward

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on December 25, 2006

Modern thoroughbred racing is something to get excited about...just as fans were some fifty, sixty, and seventy years ago. But rediscovering horseracing and turning interest into action among newer enthusiasts must be craftily executed and mindful of not letting "the tail wag the dog" (coined from the Joe McGuiness book, The Big Horse, about long-shot Volponi and the legendary PG Johnson). Hear this: the resources necessary to jump start the thoroughbred racing fan base exists within the glorious sport itself.

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