Are Profits Sustainable from Wagering on Horse Races?

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on January 1, 2007

Techniques of odds betting in horse racing sport have changed for ever since the development of related software. The best veterans have always struggled to keep track of myriad variables in their minds alone. The best analyses go awry because just one factor related to horse, rider, track, weather, and the competition varies just slightly. This has lent an element of uncertainty to the sport, which has even served to add to its romance! Some of the best tales in horse racing revolve as much around steep losses, as about famous wins!

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Looking Back, then Forward

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on December 25, 2006

Modern thoroughbred racing is something to get excited about...just as fans were some fifty, sixty, and seventy years ago. But rediscovering horseracing and turning interest into action among newer enthusiasts must be craftily executed and mindful of not letting "the tail wag the dog" (coined from the Joe McGuiness book, The Big Horse, about long-shot Volponi and the legendary PG Johnson). Hear this: the resources necessary to jump start the thoroughbred racing fan base exists within the glorious sport itself.

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Horse Racing Down Under

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on December 18, 2006

Everyone knows Australians for their love of sport, and horse racing has an avid following in this country. The climate is suitable for a long racing season, and there are a number of outstanding race tracks on the continent. Australia is a favorite with horse racing lovers who live in the temperate latitudes of North America, and who wish to follow events and enjoy online betting during the colder months in their home places.

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Moving Thoroughbreds Safely to Horse Racing Destinations

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on December 11, 2006

Seasonal factors make transport of thoroughbreds an inevitable part of horse racing. This is particularly the case with race courses in temperate climes, where the number of days in the calendar with events is not enough to meet the career needs of a top thoroughbred.

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Will it Help Horse Racing?

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on December 4, 2006

Horse racing is under attack! The nuances of this sport are not widely known everywhere. Pressures on land motivate most attempts to shrink the literal and figurative space we are willing to set aside for the sport. Many top race tracks have been swamped by fair grounds and modern forms of entertainment. There are non-financial values of breeding and raising horses, which find no place when accountants compare opportunity costs of horse farms.

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Australia’s Horse Racing Diva!

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on November 27, 2006

I guess we must just be satisfied that our favorite sport of horse racing is so different! There is no dearth of commercial successes with games after sunset under floodlights. Cricket even spawned a new version of the game Down Under when promoters arranged matches on week nights. It must have been quite logical for Australians to follow their profits from other sports by floodlights with an essay of the same with horse racing, but it does not seem to have taken off-not for the time being at least!

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