The Breeders Cup: How the Best of the Best are Selected

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on October 27, 2006

Everyone in the horse racing world must dream of taking part in the Breeders Cup, a premier U.S. event every November. Television screens, satellites, and computers have made life easy for punters and spectators, for they can now enjoy the event at their leisure even if they do not make it to the race track on time. However, the number of horses and riders which can take part is strictly limited, so much competition starts way before the actual race starts! Getting the honor to race for the Breeders Cup is a kind of recognition in its own right, and the organizers have had to come up with rigorous criteria for choosing contestants.

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Breeders Cup: Watch out for Lava Man!

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on October 26, 2006

Falling leaves are not the only sign of autumn if you love horse racing as The Breeders Cup, which takes place every November, generates enthusiastic debate and speculation about who will win. Ordinary thoroughbreds and jockeys do not take part in this prestigious event, and indeed every contestant is a champion of some standing. 2006, according to some knowledgeable observers, may be somewhat different in this respect, because word of a hot tip has begun the rounds.

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Horse Racing: Bernardini Looks Good for the Breeders Cup

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on October 23, 2006

There are many reasons for top horse racing lover Sheikh Mohamed, owner of the Darley Stable, to be almost desperate for his colt Bernardini to win the November 2006 Breeders Cup. Bernardini, with 6 straight wins under his belt, is a strong contender for the title of ‘Horse of the Year’. A win at the Breeders Cup will clinch things for this aggressive son of Cara Rafaela and Quiet American. The $5 million prize money for the prestigious event is no laughing matter either!

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Trainer Angles in Horse Racing

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on October 20, 2006

Horse racing punters are aware of the pivotal role of trainers in the sport. However, the excitement and glamour of an event can often lead an enthusiast to forget trainer angles when deciding on sports betting. The best software products which help in handicapping generally provide for inputs on trainers, but the number of variables is so high that top veterans of the race track prefer to build their own records.

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Horse Racing Planned Well in Advance

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on October 16, 2006

Though the world is indebted to the Western world for modern horse racing developments over the past two hundred years, it appears that the 21st century for the sport belongs to the Middle East. The country of the United Arab Emirates must take special, if not all of the credit! This is appropriate since much of the best blood lines originate in this part of the world.

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Horse Racing is Not French Football!

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on October 12, 2006

Horse racing, unlike football, does not have global publicity from a World Cup. However, the field game, played by Prima Donnas, seems to have affected the equestrian world of date. Recall that jockey and professional rider Paul O’Neill recently head butted his horse City Affair, after it threw him before a race at Stratford in the U.K. He then abused the whip in the race in which the poor horse still managed to finish fourth.

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