Horse Racing Planned Well in Advance

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on October 16, 2006

Though the world is indebted to the Western world for modern horse racing developments over the past two hundred years, it appears that the 21st century for the sport belongs to the Middle East. The country of the United Arab Emirates must take special, if not all of the credit! This is appropriate since much of the best blood lines originate in this part of the world.

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Horse Racing is Not French Football!

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on October 12, 2006

Horse racing, unlike football, does not have global publicity from a World Cup. However, the field game, played by Prima Donnas, seems to have affected the equestrian world of date. Recall that jockey and professional rider Paul O’Neill recently head butted his horse City Affair, after it threw him before a race at Stratford in the U.K. He then abused the whip in the race in which the poor horse still managed to finish fourth.

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Controversies of Electronic Horse Racing

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on October 11, 2006

What is electronic horse racing? How does it differ from simulcast wagering? Can it replace live events at race track? Enthusiasts and novices have ceaseless and anxious queries about the new form of horse racing that the electronic world of video has made possible.

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Elegance and Grace to Supplement Horse Racing Pleasure

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on October 2, 2006

Though thoroughbreds and flat races dominate the world of horse racing, Dressage remains it’s most enchanting and endearing variation. While dressage steals the limelight briefly during the Olympics, true horse racing enthusiasts enjoy shows throughout the season every year. The spectacle of disciplined and skilled Dressage performance attains heights that put other horse racing events in the shade.

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Towards Better Horse Racing

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on September 24, 2006

Horse racing is a complex sport and a major business as well! It has endless facets from the biology of breeding and caring for thoroughbred horses to the math of handicapping. Horse racing calls for experts from diverse fields to come together and work in tandem for the pleasure pf spectators and the profits of punters. The sport has enormous dimensions in terms of the number of enthusiasts and the financial investments involved. That is why horse racing needs elaborate organizational structures to manage the various aspects involved.

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A Heady Mix of Horse Racing and Wine Tasting

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on September 21, 2006

No horse racing experience can be complete without a sojourn in California. The deliciously moderate climate combines beautifully with verdant race courses, transparent pari-mutuel wagering systems, and some of the best horses and riders in the world, to provide punters and spectators with experiences to savor for lifetimes.

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