Ascot Brings Shame on Horse Racing

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on August 29, 2006

Many horse racing lovers attach a kind of reverence to the name of Ascot. Supported by British Royalty, the race track has long been synonymous with the best traditions of this ancient sport. Ascot has also been the beneficiary of major fund injections to help it upgrade to cutting-edge standards and to retain its vanguard position in the world of horse racing.

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Kindling New Flames of Public Passion in Horse Racing

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on August 21, 2006

History does not support the spread of horse racing as a popular sport. It has a record of being the preserve of royalty and the wealthy. However, there is no reason why everyone should not enjoy horses and sports betting. What can race track operators do to keep their turnstiles moving? Here are 5 successful approaches that have worked around the world:

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A Thought for the Driver

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on August 14, 2006

Many believe that jockeys are grossly undervalued and taken for granted in the world of horse racing. Bookmakers never lose, and owners always have another race to which they can look forward. Punters alternate between crests of joy and learning some rueful lessons for future use. Jockeys, who risk life and limb as a matter of routine, are rarely given their due credit. It is common to exult over a famous win, but to forget the incredibly courageous rider who nurses an aggressive colt, gelding or filly past the last post.

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A Horse Racing Lesson from the Americas to the World

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on August 7, 2006

Horse racing will now bring the Americas closer together! Top events in the United States will be relayed live to folk in Peru, Venezuela and Brazil, thanks to a satellite system established by Charlson Broadcast Technologies, based in Kentucky. Punters in these Latin countries can place bets and enjoy horse racing as though they were actually track side! This international and 21st century version of the sport can extend to all other countries. Venezuela is especially significant in Charlson's network, for it is hard evidence of how people can get together in peace, their politics notwithstanding.

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Coping with Doping in Horse Racing

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on August 1, 2006

Any pattern of abrupt improvement in horse racing performance can arouse suspicions that a horse is under the influence of some pharmaceutical substance. However, this need not necessarily be the case, and there can be legitimate reasons for improvement in speed timings and trip behavior. Gelding, for example, will results in better speed timings. Training has obvious and major impacts, and a break from a grueling schedule of horse racing can often prove beneficial for both horse and rider.

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Tattersalls Horse Racing Sponsorship of Gold Cup Extended

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on July 25, 2006

Here has been a boost to horse racing among older horses as Tattersalls have agreed to continue their support of the Group 1 Tattersalls Gold Cup at The Curragh Racecourse until 2009. The new three year sponsorship commitment will also increase the total prize money for the Group 1 race to be increased to 300,000 euro from 2007. This is bound to ensure that the God Cup continues to attract the very best horses in Europe to the Curragh. The 10 furlongs contest is considered as one of the top middle distances in the international racing calendar and attracts many of Europe's top older horses every year. It is among the highest rated races in the world.

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