Rejoice for U.S. Horse Racing Has a New Star!

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on July 17, 2006

Horse racing, under unkind attack from somewhat ignorant and biased quarters these days, can certainly do with this wonderful news! There is a new lady on the New York horse racing circuit, and at the exciting equestrian life of 3 years, has the makings of a legendary champion.

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How Amateur Riding Clubs Bring Horse Racing to the Whole Family

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on July 10, 2006

Horse racing can extend in to an exhilarating form of recreation for the whole family. The term conjures images of race tracks and bookmakers, but love for animals and enjoyable outdoor time of the highest quality can accompany the horse racing form of sports betting.

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How Horse Racing Authorities Can Kill the Goose

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on July 3, 2006

It can be tempting to put off suspensions for top jockeys guilty of dangerous riding in horse racing events. The Irish Horse Racing Authority, for example, is reported to be in a mood to allow Kieren Fallon to ride in the 2006 Irish Derby though he stands convicted of riding just a few days before at the Ascot in a manner that could have resulted in the wasting of a horse. So much effort, interest and money is at stake in major horse racing events, that authorities try and gloss over serious misdemeanor by top jockeys. Yet, such behavior is counter productive because it plays in to the hands of outspoken opponents of horse racing everywhere.

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Another Chance after Cheltenham

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on June 30, 2006

Punters done in at last week's Cheltenham festival, or those of us from the US who did not surface in time to take part in online betting by satellite, have another chance as the jumps season gets underway at the Ayr Racecourse. Do not expect good odds for the tempestuous Scottish weather though! Kelso has had to drop three events this season because of frosty conditions, though organizers were quick to garner replacement races at the Borders track. The British Horseracing Board stepped in quick as lightning to permit the fixture. The Borders management did their bit by getting their site up and running in a jiffy.

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Let Us build a Better Future for Horse Racing

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on June 28, 2006

Horse racing, if not exactly as old as the hills, is certainly one of the oldest forms of recreation known to people and to countries. It has spread from a passion of royalty and the elite, to entertainment which is entirely egalitarian in character. Horse racing has also spread from pockets of the ancient and colonial worlds to all corners of the globe. Computers and satellites have made it possible for punters to follow their favorite form of sports gambling at distant race tracks and throughout the year as well.

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Want to Race? – Horse Racing

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on June 23, 2006

Magna Entertainment Corporation in Toronto needs a new honcho to run its horse racing business. The old CEO has handed in his papers. Tom Hodgson, who used to work for a company dealing with auto papers, took a year at Magna before he discovered that he did not understand horse racing!

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