Kindling New Flames of Public Passion in Horse Racing

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on June 14, 2006

History does not support the spread of horse racing as a popular sport. It has a record of being the preserve of royalty and the wealthy. However, there is no reason why everyone should not enjoy horses and sports betting. What can race track operators do to keep their turnstiles moving? Here are 5 successful approaches that have worked around the world:

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Longchamp Racecourse – Triumphant Horse Racing

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on June 13, 2006

Longchamp Racecourse is one of the most important horse racing venues in Europe. Located minutes from the Eiffel Tower, the Longchamp Racecourse features a 2,400-meter (about 1.5-mile) course and the area extends over 57 hectares, between the Seine and the Bois de Boulogne. There are four horse racing tracks of different sizes: the large track (2,750 meters), the average-sized track (2,500 meters), the small track (2,150 meters) and the sprint track (1,000 meters). There are 46 different starting posts on the tracks for horse racing distances ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 meters. The turf track comprises an uphill and downhill slope with a challenging rising straight as you come out of the final bend. The Finish line extends over 650 meters to the 2nd post.

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Horse Racing in Singapore

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on June 8, 2006

The world knows Singapore for organization, convenience and excellence in catering to the needs of tourists. Horse racing meets these exacting standards in the City State as well. Singapore is perhaps the only major horse racing center in the world where punters and enthusiasts can expect to be picked up from and dropped back to their hotels, should they wish to drop in on the ultra-modern Kranji Race Track! A group of no more than two people can have a tour all of their own! However, the Singapore Turf Club is rather starchy when it comes to dress: jeans, t-shirts, shorts and slippers are not allowed, and even corduroys are not appreciated!

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Zero Put Downs Due to Horse Racing Accidents

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on June 5, 2006

Complicated words such as euthanasia do little to take away the consummate and heart-rending tragedy of watching an injured animal put down after a sudden horse racing accident. Such adverse incidents are also grist for the mills of opposition to the noble and ancient sport of horse racing. It is really quite needless in the 21st century world of critical care and emergency medicine. Race track owners should provide for the following costs when planning race track ventures:

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The Illinois Formula for Horse Racing

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on June 2, 2006

The very State which drew dollops of dollars away from horse racing to other forms of gambling in the early 1990s, has decided that it is time for pay-back. Governor Blagojevich has recently given effect to a law which will divert a share of all casino receipts for the next two years to increase winnings for horse racing events, and to improve race tracks as well.

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Doomben: Racing to the Future – Horse Racing

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on May 29, 2006

The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club is one of the leading horse racing clubs in the southern hemisphere. It was created in 1923 on a swampy marsh, which had a creek running through, earning it the nickname, The Creek. In the early days its main attraction was the historic Albion Park horse racing course which is now a trotting venue. Since 1997, the Club has been known as the Brisbane Turf Club (BTC). Albion Park was originally established as a venue for horse racing in the mid 1880's. The race track then measured only about three and a half furlongs. In the 1890s the circumference was increased to six furlongs. The ownership of this lovely horse racing track, Albion Park changed hands many times but eventually it was taken over in 1933 by the Brisbane Amateur Turf Club.

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