Bucking a Trend – Horse Racing

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on April 10, 2006

The British Horseracing Regulatory Authority and the Irish Turf Club will defy a large section of public opinion that considers steeplechases and making horses jump over hurdles to be inhumane, when they host a function in late May in London to give awards to horses and their owners who have performed well in the recently concluded Jump Racing season.

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An Urgent Need for a Technology Injection – Horse Racing

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on April 9, 2006

Aintree, near Liverpool is a place steeped in history. The race course is a highlight of this quaint village, and the Grand National, a top annual event here is watched by thousands in person and by millions on Television.

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Force 3 for Horse Racing on Television

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on April 8, 2006

Three giants have come together for mega entertainment value for followers of horse racing.

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Stable Spy News Reporter – Horse Racing

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on April 7, 2006

Aintree confirms that a news reporter, disguised as regular staff broke in to stables used by a champion horse and even had a photograph taken with the animal. Video surveillance confirms that the break-in took place, though the intruder was never alone with the animal. Regulators have launched an enquiry and may even contemplate action against the reporter.

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Delightful News of Online Horse Racing from Keeneland

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on April 6, 2006

Who would not like to follow horse racing from Keeneland? You can follow the 2006 season, starting right away, at the famed Lexington in Kentucky, no matter where you may live! TV networks have come together to make this offer which is sure to thrill horse racing lovers who cannot reach Keeneland physically in time. This coverage will continue until the last days of this month. Daily replays will supplement live coverage, so you can enjoy the action from the home of US horse racing, even if you live in another time zone, of if you are pre-occupied when the events take place. Simulcast wagering is a major part of this satellite offer. The Toyota Blue Grass Stakes event is scheduled for April 15, and carries a handsome $ three quarters of a million in prize money.

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Homeland Security Standards for UK Horse Racing

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on April 5, 2006

The John Smith's Grand National, which is part of the Aintree Festival in Merseyside in the UK, is so popular a horse racing event that the local police hedge their bets for a safe public experience by using state-of-the-art security measures. Punters are treated to bag searches and scanner checks as though they were readying for an airplane journey rather than a simple afternoon of horse racing pleasure! Dogs search the venue for drugs and bombs. It's all for the public benefit, the police assure anyone who complains, and they assure everyone that the precautions are routine and not in response to any specific threat.

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