Homeland Security Standards for UK Horse Racing

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on April 5, 2006

The John Smith's Grand National, which is part of the Aintree Festival in Merseyside in the UK, is so popular a horse racing event that the local police hedge their bets for a safe public experience by using state-of-the-art security measures. Punters are treated to bag searches and scanner checks as though they were readying for an airplane journey rather than a simple afternoon of horse racing pleasure! Dogs search the venue for drugs and bombs. It's all for the public benefit, the police assure anyone who complains, and they assure everyone that the precautions are routine and not in response to any specific threat.

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Spelling Out a Brilliant Future for Horse Racing

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on April 4, 2006

Imagine horse racing throughout the day, during all seasons and all 7 days of the week! Think of slot machines, dining and other entertainment options at race tracks. What if you could take part in odds betting on a national basis? These are some of the dream plans announced by Magna Entertainment Corporation Management at a recent interaction with a Farm Manager's Club in Kentucky. Donald M. Amos may have been trying to assuage fears after his company announced a loss for the third year in a row, and after separation of CEO Tom Hodgson.

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Kentucky Derby Dress Rehearsals – Horse Racing

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on April 3, 2006

Horses, riders and their trainers are all jockeying for one of the 20 places to compete in the eagerly awaited Kentucky Derby. Saturday April 1st was no April Fools Day at Gulfstream Park, as leading contenders and spirited hopefuls ran their last major events before the famed Kentucky Derby.

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Ireland Horse Racing Proposes 2 Day Declaration System

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on April 2, 2006

The British Horse Racing Regulatory Authority has agreed to consider a proposal from its Irish horse racing constituent, to implement a 2-day declaration system. Punters should welcome this as it aids systematic horse racing odds betting. Studying the competition matters at least as much as following your favorite horse and rider. Last minute declarations, unless for medical reasons, are unfavorable for serious punters.

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A Reign of 250 Years Ends in British Horse Racing History

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on April 1, 2006

April 2006 is a watershed year for British horse racing, as a new regulator takes charge of the sport in Great Britain.

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Valuable Suggestions from Jockeys to Make Horse Racing Safer

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on March 31, 2006

No horse racing enthusiast will deny the huge part jockeys play in the sport, putting life and limb at stake for the pleasure of punters. So it is no wonder that the authorities pay careful heed to whatever the Jockeys Guild has to say about making horse racing safer for all concerned.

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