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If you are new to the horse racing world, you will likely find that you are constantly looking for explanations of the various laws and a glossary of racing terms. You may need to learn more about the various racing stables or racing gear in order to make more informed choices. Even more experienced participants may find themselves needing to delve into the horse racing books or explore a horse racing guide to find related references to a particular horse they may be interested in buying or betting on. Or perhaps you simply want to explore the history of horse racing to learn more about the racing greats of the past? All this information can be found in the reference section of our website. So feel free to take a look and become more informed.


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Sue Harrison - 2012-01-14 21:40:59

Are horse racing tracks required to use "break-away" material for the rail and the rail supports? If so, how can I find info on this?

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jackie - 2011-08-07 22:51:07

I have a thoroughbred mare named Andiamo. She is anywhere between 19 and 24? Her tatoo is pretty faded. I am trying to find out her sire, dam, etc. and racing history, if any. Any pointers as to where to start? I am told she is a Maryland bred horse.

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Jonathan Russell - 2011-05-10 20:55:45

I am recently the third genertaion of a rmashackle estate in Calfifornia. The estate was named ragapan after the horse whom my grandfather bet on and won the money for the estate. I know nothing about horse racing and seems unfortunate that I own an estate names after a horse that I know nothing about. If anyone has any information on the horse names ragapan please let me know.

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