Will Rogers Downs Horse Racing Track in Oklahoma

Will Rogers Downs, located in Claremore, Oklahoma, is the state's best racino offering year-round entertainment and excitement. Now known as Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs, this fantastic racing track features 42 days of thrilling thoroughbred, quarter, appaloosa and paint horse racing in Oklahoma and from all around the country. With live racing, top simulcasting facilities and casino gaming fun, Will Rogers Downs offers racegoers an all-round experience.

During Will Rogers Downs' racing season, from February to May, top racing horses and jockeys can be seen speeding down the 1 mile racetrack. In addition to the main track, the establishment has a 1/2 mile training track. Seat yourself on one of the grandstand's 2,700 seats for a day of racing adventure, or at the Turf Club which provides a further 400 seats for racegoers. The thundering of hooves, the grace of glistening muscled bodies and the thrill of victory, make horse racing one of the most popular sports around. Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs has 600 stables for the many exquisite steeds that are put through their paces in some of the most eagerly awaited races in the State. Horse Lovers do not want to miss out on Will Rogers Downs brilliant racing calendar.

Over and above the top class racing meets held at Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs, the establishment offers year-round racing thrills with over 100 simulcast televisions. Simulcasting rooms provide racegoers with the opportunity to view and wager on renowned racing events held throughout the United States of America. Patrons can also try their hand at the racino's gaming action on casino video poker and electronic games. Open 7 days of the week there is always something going on at Will Rogers Downs. Dog Iron Saloon provides sumptuous meals along with dancing and live entertainment, and a great hotel means that patrons can slip into a comfortable bed straight after a day of betting and partying. Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs really has it all.


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Tina Smith - 2010-11-24 18:21:18

Can someone please send me pics of the stables,track,chapel, everything about all the festivities and lodging areas for fifth wheels, so we don,t have to comute back and forth during the January horse races,,,thankyou Tina and yes personally I think that horse should have been put down RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!!!! AMEN

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jenniffer parker - 2010-11-07 17:20:51

i was there watching live racing yesterday and the 12th race the #9 horse went down after crossing the finish line and the horse broke both of its front legs and rolled over the jockey.. it was devestating to see i was lost for words.. i hope the jockey is ok and i feel for the horse. with that bieng said i have to say i was not impressed with the vet on hand Erica Wallace she was terrible.. she was more concerned about us not seeing her put the horse down than the horse laying there suffering. the horse was kept down for a good 5 minutes enpugh time for her to inject the horse but instead she was more worried about us seeing her.. we are adults and my husband and i realize that that was best for the horse. so while shes making sure the tarp shields her tha horse got back up on 2 broke front legs and was standing how i dont know and it was bull. it should have never been allowed back up to suffer.. i was very disappointed in the way she handled herself and the situation...

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