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CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-07-12, Race 8 [02:02]
Entries: Thoroughbred Race, CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-07-12, Race 8: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-C Karma (FL), Montalvo, C, finished 7; 2-Sweet Repent (FL), Santiago, J, finished 3; 4-Renda (KY), Madrid, S, finished 2; 5-Garter Belt (FL), Nunez, E, finished 6; 6-Cinque Bella (FL), Leyva, J, finished 5; 7-Caughtnthemoment (FL), Arango, L, finished 8; 8-Many Kisses (FL), Sanchez, J, finished 4; 9-Bob's Jawbreaker (FL), Henry, Sr., W, finished 1; ... horse racing CALDER RACE COURSE ...
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER, RACE, COURSE


Rachel Alexandra workout - August 31, 2009 [02:57]
), and Affirmed (1979). Its great to have an opportunity to run her on the stage that is Saratoga, one I think she is deserving of, said Asmussen. To run her in a race that Curlin was fortunate enough to win last year, we realize what a tall order it is for her. Most likely Saturday, it will take a career effort for her. A throng of onlookers, some wearing Rachel Alexandra T-shirts and caps, was on hand for the work, among them Barbara Banke, wife of Stonestreet Stable owner Jess Jackson. ...
Tags: rachel, alexandra, workout, saratoga, race, course, woodward, oklahoma, dominick, terry, steve, asmussen, nyra, horse, racing, preakness, calvin, borel


CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-07-04, Race 5 [01:42]
, 2009-07-04, Race 5: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 2-To Heir Is Human (FL), Sanchez, J, finished 3; 3-Lady's Gut Boy (FL), Smith, A, finished 1; 4-Full Horse Power (FL), Vigil, N, finished 5; 5-Black Tie Spirit (FL), Dominguez, E, finished 6; 6-Takemdown (FL), Cruz, M, finished 2; 7-Abdel's Ghost (FL), Santiago, J, finished 7; 8-Sunrise Nursery (KY), Monterrey, Jr., P, finished 4; 9-Stylish Act (FL), Leyva, J, finished 8; 10-General Guti (FL), Boraco, D, finished 9; ... horse racing CALDER ...
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER, RACE, COURSE


Horse Race at Woodbine [02:55]
Horse race at Woodbine racetrack August 29/09
Tags: Horse race, Woodbine, horses, fast, exciting, betting, gambling, outdoors, windy


CHURCHILL DOWNS, 2009-07-02, Race 5 [01:22]
(KY), Theriot, J, finished 4; 2-Dabossman (FL), Farina, T, finished 3; 3-Eurosteel (KY), Court, J, finished 9; 4-Real Me In (KY), Goncalves, L, finished 7; 5-Green N Goldie (KY), Mena, M, finished 1; 6-Mamoose (KY), Sterling, Jr., L, finished 5; 7-Dabeed (FL), Lanerie, C, finished 10; 8-Dr. Fever (KY), Castanon, J, finished 8; 9-Half Crafty (AR), Hernandez, Jr., B, finished 2; 10-Canook (KY), Leparoux, J, finished 6; 11-Naiche (KY), Arguello, Jr., F, finished 11; ... horse racing CHURCHILL DOWNS ...
Tags: horse, racing, CHURCHILL, DOWNS

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