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I love the first part of this... but do we like the rest? Je ne sais pas! Bahaha - my bad french is coming back to me! This is actually dedicated to a person who is not on Youtube...She bought a green TB horse who everyone thought would fail her, but she continued to have confidence in the horse. She trained him herself, and loved him very dearly. He loved her back, but her parents didn't have faith in what she was doing so they sold the horse. The new owners neglected the horse, and didn't love him or use him to his potential. The girl told me she couldn't convince her parents to buy the horse back to which I said, "I sure hope you tried." So she took that as motivation, and she tried harder. Finally, her parents bought the horse back, and saw how well the two worked together. They are currently acing dressage tests and have begun showing in hunter/jumper classes. I sure hope you tried (:


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