Little Honor (again!)

Thsi week Liz (that's me) Lost her stirrup, so we wound up losing a lotta ground what with the iron banging the horse in the side and me kicking her trying to find it. Needles to say we carried the outside horse out pretty far before we finally got straightened away. That one got OK'd so at least we didn't ruin THEIR day. But poor little honor had quite a scramble. The good thing is that she actually got some dirt in her face for once, and she didn't get stupid about it. The whole thing was, I hadf the GoPro and I was trying to get it taacked to me to get a good steady take. I wound upo getting it in a really shaky situation, and al I could think about was whether I was gonna lose it or not, PLUS, my car key fell of the lanyard this morning onto the car seat and I had locked it inside the car before I knew it had come off AND my whip was still in the CAR. Even thought she did well enough (all things considered), I think once we started getting pelted I would have been better off to have had it in my HAND....Well, I hope the owner doesn't get too upset. I'm the real loser in all of this. I was covered with mud for the rest of the morning, never got my GoPro shots I wanted, and my car is still parked art the track so I have to go and get it later. That sucks.


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