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2013年第48回デイリー杯クイーンカップ GIII / ウキヨノカゼ 【競馬】 [01:44]
013年2月9日(土) | 1回東京5日 | 15:45発走第48回デイリー杯クイーンカップ(GIII)払戻金↓ 芝・左 1600m [コースガイド] | 天気: | 馬場: | サラ系3歳 | オープン (国際)牝(特指) 別定 | 本賞金:3400、1400、850、510、340万円 払戻金単勝 15 830円 4番人気複勝 15 180円 4番人気4 150円 3番人気2 130円 2番人気12 410円 8番人気枠連 3-8 450円 2番人気馬連 4-15 2340円 8番人気ワイド 2-4 250円 3番人気2-15 370円 5番人気4-12 1050円 21番人気4-15 440円 7番人気12-15 1360円 23番人気馬単 15-4 5460円 20番人気3連複 2-4-15 1260円 5番人気4-12-15 7270円 39番人気3連単 15-4-2 10370円 59番人気15-4-12 41960円 214番人気牝 | 3歳ウキヨノカゼ生年月日:2010年3月30日毛色:黒鹿毛調教師(所属):菊沢 隆徳(美浦) 馬主:國分 純生産者:ファニーフレンズファーム産地:日高町

1968 NHRA US Nationals The Eliminators Part 2 1960s Vintage Drag Racing Indy [07:48]
Это в нормальных странах называется "гонки дрэгстеров", или просто дрэг. Это ролик 1968 года, и нам в России до этого уровня плыть долго, долго. Печально.

August 31, 2012, Race 02, OSS Grassroots, 3FT, Grand River Raceway [04:27]
7 - Twin B Sensation 6.20 3.10 2.40 1290 8 - Elin 3.60 2.60 616 3 - Northern Senorita 2.90 595 $2 DAILY DOUBLE (2-7) paid 11.80, pool 243 $2 EXACTOR (7-8) paid 13.90, pool 1390 $1 SUPERFECTA (7-8-3-5) paid 490.75, pool 1960 $2 TRIACTOR (7-8-3) paid 41.40, pool 1555 $.20 SF $98.15

BBC Coverage of Grand National 1997 [26:42]
The BBC has covered every Grand National since 1960 on the TV (radio coverage dates back to 1927). In the year when the BBC covers its last National, for the time being, this is a reminder of how Grandstand covered the race back in 1997. It was momentous for two reasons: (1) it was to be Peter O'Sullevan's last National commentary and (2) in the event, the race didn't take place. A coded bomb alert message was received and the Aintree course had to be evacuated. The presenter that afternoon was Desmond Lynam. There's a chat with O'Sullevan who reveals that his race binoculars are from an old German sub. We see the Princess Royal reveal a bronze bust of the great commentator. As the course is evacuated Jim McGrath commentates and the TV coverage moves to the car park as Des speaks to former BBC commentator Julian Wilson and a tearful Jenny Pitman amongst others. In the OB van are Richard Pitman and Peter Scudamore. As the recording ends Des hands back to the Grandstand studio and Gary Lineker, who presumably was hanging around since Football Focus (and preparing for that evening's Match of the Day). The race was postponed until the following Monday afternoon and was won by Lord Gyllene.
Tags: BBC Grandstand, Horse Racing (Sport), National, Television

JALOPY RACES (46 MPH laps!), Phillips, Wisc., circa 1960 [02:47]
Small farming town, dirt track, car racing (Helmets, T-shirts & Balls...2 in most cases, occasionally 3) with hoopties dragged out of "the back forty" after decades of decay (can you sense METAL FATIGUE?)... WHOA, NELLIE! this is some entertaining racing!...footage by the late John Lastovich (JOHNNY L.) of Chicago.
Tags: VINTAGE, JALOPY, STOCK, CAR, RACING, PHILLIPS, WISCONSIN, crash, chipmunk, chipmunks, nascar, speedway, METAL, FATIGUE, BACK FORTY, GIGGLE WEED, alvin, alvin chipmunks, kart, motor, race, chicago, forever, cute, park, funny, laughing, style, horse, track,

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