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Finlandia Ajo 1987 -Grades Singing [03:56]
Helsinki-Finland, 27/09/1987 - 1.609mt 1 Grades Singing, O. Goop 1.14.1 (Texas - Singing Bay) 2 Emile, SH Johansson 1.14.3 3 Whip It Wood, J. Patterson jr 1.14.3 4 Big Spender, B. Johansson 1.14.3 5 Black Laukko, P. Korpi 1.14.5 6 Scenic Regal, H. Story 1.14.5 7 Hayden Hanover, V. Heiskanen 1.14.8 8 Keystone Patton, H. Korpi 1.14.9 ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab finlandia ajo vermo helsinki emile grades singing scenic regal ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, finlandia, ajo, vermo, helsinki, emile, grades, singing, scenic, regal

PA HarnessWeek -- Episode #45 (July 11, 2009) PT 2
” Helm gives us the upcoming week's best bets. We take a look back at Jaguar Spur's victory in the 1987 Little Brown Jug for this week's Blast From The Past. Plus more great racing action from Pocono and Chester including wins by Tim Tetrick with McGibson, Dan Dube and Chimon, Andy Miller with Tunearific, Andrew McCarthy and Leanback CoCo, Tim Curtin and Lolique and much more. ... Harrah's Chester Racetrack Casino Mohegan Sun Pocono Downs Steve Ross Heather Moffett Post Time Harness Horse ...
Tags: Harrah's, Chester, Racetrack, Casino, Mohegan, Sun, Pocono, Downs, Steve, Ross, Heather, Moffett, Post, Time, Harness, Horse, Racing, Sta

Kύπελλο 25ης Μαρτίου 1987 -Τρεζόρ
Kύπελλο 25ης Μαρτίου 1987 ιππος Τρεζόρ προπονητής Τάκης Καλαιτζης αναβάτης Μάρκος Καζάκος 2ος ιππος ΜΑΡΣΑΛ με αναβάτη Βαγγέλη Καφετζή ... RACING HORSE IPPODROMOS JOCKEY HIPPODROME RACE ΙΠΠΟΔΡΟΜΟΣ ΦΑΛΗΡΟΥ ΚΟΥΡΣΕΣ ΑΛΟΓΑ ΑΝΑΒΑΤΕΣ μαρκος καζακος markos kazakos ιππoδρομος Φαλήρου ippodromos επαθλο τακης καλαιτζης
Tags: RACING, HORSE, IPPODROMOS, JOCKEY, HIPPODROME, RACE, ΙΠΠΟΔΡΟΜΟΣ, ΦΑΛΗΡΟΥ, ΚΟΥΡΣΕΣ, ΑΛΟΓΑ, ΑΝΑΒΑΤΕΣ, μαρκος, καζακος, markos, kazakos, ιππoδρομος, Φαλήρου, επαθλο, τακης, καλα

Hambletonian 1987 -Mack Lobell
Matina Hanover) 2 Napoletano, Bill O'Donnell 1.11,3 3 Spotlite Lobell, Mario Baillargeon 1.12,2 4 Go Get Lost, John Hogan 1.12,3 5 Cotton Hanover, Dick Richardson Jr 1.12,6 6 Beseiged, Ulf Thoresen 1.12,7 7 Skywatch Lobell, Håkan Wallner 1.12,7 8 Action Factor, Dave Rankin 1.14,0 9 C Lewis Lauxmont, Jan Nordin 1.15,2 10 Waikiki Beach, James Doherty 1.15,6g ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab hambletonian the meadowlands mack lobell napoletano go ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, hambletonian, the, meadowlands, mack, lobell, napoletano, go, get, lost

Maryland 1987 Thoroughbred
from 1987 Preakness telecast ... "Jim McKay" "Northern Dancer" "Broad Brush" "Maryland Horse Racing" "Deputed Testimony" "Native Dancer" Pimlico Preakness "Spectacular Bid" "Bonita Farm"
Tags: Jim McKay, Northern Dancer, Broad Brush, Maryland Horse Racing, Deputed Testimony, Native Dancer, Pimlico, Preakness, Spectacular Bid, Bonita Farm

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