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Finlandia Ajo 2001 -Bwt Magic
-Finland, 29/04/2001 - 1.609mt 1 Bwt Magic, AA Roiko 1.11.2 (Lancon - Jade Crown) 2 Not A Spacecase, E. Holopainen 1.11.2 3 Jackhammer, P. Korpi 1.11.3 4 Exchequer, Aki A. Roiko 1.11.3 5 St Göran, SH Johansson 1.11.4 6 Com Hector, J. Kontio 1.11.5 7 Alv Richcrop, A. Blihovde 1.13.2 8 Sahara Shadow, A. Hartikainen 1.13.2 9 Giesolo de Lou, JE Dubois rp ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab finlandia ajo vermo helsinki bwt magic not spacecase jackhammer ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, finlandia, ajo, vermo, helsinki, bwt, magic, not, spacecase, jackhammer

Χρονικό τραυματισμού αναβάτη Τάκη Σταύρου
Χρονικό τραυματισμού αναβάτη Τάκη Σταύρου 23 Απριλίου 2001 ... horses Ιπποδρομιες ippodromies Markos kazakos Καζάκος ατυχηματα αναβατων τακης σταυρου takis stayrou takhs staryou ιππόδρομος φαληρου RACING HORSE IPPODROMOS JOCKEY HIPPODROME RACE ιπποδρομιες ΙΠΠΟΔΡΟΜΟΣ ΦΑΛΗΡΟΥ ΚΟΥΡΣΕΣ ΑΛΟΓΑ ΑΝΑΒΑΤΕΣ καζακος μαρκος
Tags: horses, Ιπποδρομιες, ippodromies, Markos, kazakos, Καζάκος, ατυχηματα, αναβατων, τακης, σταυρου, takis, stayrou, takhs, staryou, ιππόδρομος, φαληρου, RACING, HORSE, IPPODROMOS, JOCKEY, HIPPOD

Elitloppet 2001 -Varenne
Solvalla-Sweden, 27/05/2001 - 1.609mt 1 Varenne, G. Minnucci 1.10.7 (Waikiki Beach - Ialmaz) 2 Solar Effe, P. Gubellini 1.11.0 3 Victory Tilly, SH Johansson 1.11.0 4 Frisky Frazer, A. Jacobsen 1.11.3 5 Atom Tess, F. Jensen 1.11.4 6 Fridhems Ambra, S. Söderkvist 1.11.7 7 BWT Magic, AA Roiko disq 8 Blue Fighter, O. Mikkelborg disq ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab elitloppet solvalla sweden varenne solar effe victory tilly ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, elitloppet, solvalla, sweden, varenne, solar, effe, victory, tilly

2001 Meadowlands Cup - Gander
Broken Vow finished a head in front of Include, the Buddy Delp-trained favorite. "Gander was as game as could be," Dominguez said. "He got to control the pace the whole way and that's what made the difference for him." Bailey and Velasquez said that Include might have put a head in front in the stretch, but if the horse did, it was only very briefly. "Usually when a horse like this gets the lead, he's going to win," Bailey said. "But not tonight." This was Delp's first attempt to win this ...
Tags: meadowlands, horse, racing, dave, johnson, gander, include, broken, vow, john, velazquez

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