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CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-07-16, Race 3 [02:03]
-Finish) 1-Cruisin Countess (FL), Cabassa, Jr., A, finished 3; 2-Lady Sioux (FL), Santiago, J, finished 1; 3-Westonia (KY), Cruz, M, finished 9; 4-First Mandate (FL), Ortiz, J, finished 5; 5-Bella Buddha (KY), Coa, D, finished 4; 6-How Ya Wynn (FL), Henry, Sr., W, finished 10; 7-Out Hopping (FL), Garcia, L, finished 2; 8-Norma Claire (KY), Rivera II, J, finished 8; 9-Sharp Latin Mint (CA), Galviz, W, finished 6; 10-Lil' Bit of Cash (FL), Garcia, J, finished 7; ... horse racing CALDER RACE COURSE ...
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER, RACE, COURSE

Sumer and Brick: Barrels & Poles 8/29/09 [02:10]
-18s to 15s since 2008. That's a big improvement if you ask me. Note: Brick is very different than most barrel horses. He doesn't rate like the average barrel horse, but instead, "hops". It is something you cannot change, for it most likely has to do with the way he's built. He is an over-all great horse, and will probably retire in about a year or two. The song is called "Settlin" by Sugarland. ... animal animals horse horses race racing run running barrel barrels pole poles bend bending ...
Tags: animal, animals, horse, horses, race, racing, run, running, barrel, barrels, pole, poles, bend, bending, brick, sumer

2007 Singapore Airlines International Cup [02:31]
overseas Grade 1 race. French challenger Doctor Dino was third. Victory for Shadow Gate was worth 127 million yen. The terrific Japanese 1-2 finish was the first that achieved by Delta Blues and Pop Rock in the 2006 Melbourne Cup. ''I'm delighted,'' said Kato. ''I had my concerns but he (Shadow Gate) really ran a good race.'' Tanaka said, ''The horse was in great condition and I was confident that we would win. When I asked him for his effort he responded and I was always sure no one ...
Tags: horse, racing, singapore, turf, club, kranji, racecourse, Shadow, Gate, japan, Katsuharu, Tanaka, Yukihiro, Kato

CHURCHILL DOWNS, 2009-07-02, Race 4 [01:58]
02, Race 4: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Matty's City Slew (KY), Mena, M, finished 8; 2-Coughsgone (KY), Court, J, finished 5; 3-Flat Water (KY), Lanerie, C, finished 7; 4-Artic Run (KY), Theriot, J, finished 9; 5-Pitaya (KY), Lopez, K, finished 10; 6-Insider (FL), Hernandez, Jr., B, finished 1; 7-Cape Doctor (KY), Leparoux, J, finished 4; 8-Atomic Force (KY), Albarado, R, finished 3; 9-Baryshnikov (KY), Slinger, S, finished 6; 10-Polished (KY), Borel, C, finished 2; ... horse racing ...
Tags: horse, racing, CHURCHILL, DOWNS

CHURCHILL DOWNS, 2009-07-04, Race 6 [01:16]
) 1-Dreamer's Dream (KY), Mojica, O, finished 9; 2-Goforitmrsmiller (KY), Albarado, R, finished 4; 3-Flower Exchange (FL), Mena, M, finished 3; 4-Panna Maria (KY), Bridgmohan, S, finished 5; 5-Bell's Shoes (KY), Court, J, finished 2; 6-Cowgirl Mally (KY), Lanerie, C, finished 1; 7-Rapport (KY), Theriot, J, finished 10; 8-Exquisite Miss (KY), Hernandez, Jr., B, finished 7; 9-Hurricane BJB (KY), Sterling, Jr., L, finished 6; 10-Imagine Now (KY), Johnson, J, finished 8; ... horse racing ...
Tags: horse, racing, CHURCHILL, DOWNS

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