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....& Dig Down D~E~E~P [01:25]
READ, READ, READ. Hello fellow youtubers, lemme tell you about this video. soooooo, i like it, maybe? i am not quite sure. i like the idea i had, but i dont feel that i really portrayed it in this video. anyway! Most of these clips are me.. obviously. Clearly i am rideing Apache, Sage, and Tora, the horse that has the sexy rear thingy (the roan) is Fleets. he is AMAZING. he is also 24 oO.. the big ol' pleasure paint is Tuffy. he is my friend Rayne's horse. she has a youtube.... Mossyrockranch05. i am going to show him in a pleasure show this coming weekend. i hope to do good. well, tell me what you think. you like it? "like" it. you like me video and me horses? subscribe
Tags: horse, horses, barrel, racing, gaming, fast, slow, performance, appaloosacrazy17, paint, apha, aqha, quarter, pinto

My Kinda Party [01:18]
**READ** so yes crap editing... check! so yesterdaay 1-30 i rode with some of my show buddies. the appy is Dreamer a 16 year old i use to show in eq and e is amazing! his riders name is karin. she doesnt have a youtube but she needs one XD. so this was the first time i rode dream (for fun) in about 4 years. the stirrups were real short so dont judge. anyway there will be more videos of Dreamer and KArin haha but he is a great lil pony and so is Tora!
Tags: horse, horses, barrel, racing, gaming, performace, appaloosacrazy17, appaloosa, gamer, quarter, aqha

~COURAGE~ Ends When Your in PAIN [01:19]
so yeah i actually like this video.. Do you???
Tags: horse, horses, barrel, racing, gaming, fast, apache, appaloosacrazy17, poles, flags, apha, paint, american

PERFECT to ME ~140~ [01:06]
So if you were not aware my computer crashed so thats why my 2010 video is made by wmm. well i got my new computer and i know that my editing sucks in this video but i really dont care. Apache is amazing and i dont know what i would do without him. Him and I are going to start shows here soon which mean new video but i will hopefully have video of him and i doing eq since we are wrking real hard on it. anyway thanks so much for the 140 subscribers i really love you guys!
Tags: appaloosacrazy17, horse, horses, barrel, racing, gaming, eq, aqha, american, quarter, apha, paint, twh, tennessee, walking, appaloosa, gamer, fast

1-17-11 [01:29]
So yes haha i rode today. MY new saddle came today also it is the one i use on Apache and its amazing. so umm yes the big red horse is Clifford toras full brother. he is the biggest goof ball ever but an amazing pleasure horse hahaso yes tora is starting barrels since he gets to go to the gaming shows with apache and i. he is learning really fast and he has gotten a zillion times better. anyway comment rate and subscribe
Tags: horses, horse, barrel, racing, pleasure, gaming, fast, paint, apha, aqha, american, quarter, appaloosacrazy17

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