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Cyclone doing basic dressage work on the arena [02:11]
Cyclone is one of 13 thoroughbreds in the Cyberhorse Hearts Racing team. Here he is shown doing some basic dressage work on the riding arena. Such work develops co-ordination and helps a horse to better carry a rider, especially around corners. A big part of the Hearts Racing team preparation for racing is to first be educated as a riding horse. Horses learn best what they learn first so if they are a good equestrian mount before they go racing they will never forget it.

2013 Gazi Koşusu Adayı Nartugan [01:56]
2013 Gazi Koşusu Adayı Nartugan (Sinndar - Ridafa / Darshaan) Starts:2 (1-1-0) HorseTurk.Com

Black Caviar, Hickstead & Frankel; Hallelujah [02:46]
I lie. this isn't NCIS sorry! :3 finished this instead. Three great names, from separate parts of the world, each horse a champion in their own. I just like the music ok. lyrics here are not important honestly. Just enjoy these three great equine legends and be glad that you lived to see them perform. Horses like this don't come around often, and it's almost all over. So just be glad that it happened because in half a century we will be trying to line horses up next to these. Before you ask, the song is the Safetysuit version and ughhh, LOVE. And may the gods of all things horsey use their almighty powers to have black caviar stride down the famous flemington racecourse one more time!

Vintercupen Final 2013_Järvsö Rune 1:26,0_Erik Adielsson [04:52]
Vintercupen, Final Vintercupen, Final Alla svenska och norska kallblodiga. Körsvenskrav kat. 1 Startsumma och poäng per den 12 januari 2013 kl. 24.00. 2140 m. Tillägg 20 m vid vunna 500.001 kr, 40 m vid 900.001 kr Pris: 200.000-100.000-50.000-30.000-20.000-(12.000) kr. Transportbidrag enligt V75-lopp. , vilka kvalificerat sig för final. Dotierung: 412.000,00 SK (200.000 100.000 50.000 30.000 20.000 (12.000)) Bänderstart - Distanz: 2.140 m Einlauf: 15 - 14 - 7 Gävle (Sweden), 19.01.2013 Starterfeld: 2140 m 1 Brenne Bragd ,9j. W 26.4 - 393.443,00 € Roger Norrby Stefan Edin 2 Gobbi* ,9j. W 27.3 - 425.182,00 € Erik Skaug Sören Eriksson 3 Eldvin ,5j. H 28.3 - 453.400,00 € Jörgen Westholm Jörgen Westholm 2160 m 4 Gräft Berra ,9j. W 25.7 - 616.100,00 € Tomas Åhman Sören Östman 5 Nattfrost ,12j. W 25.3 - 614.886,00 € Dan Olsson Kajsa Frick 6 Bodbäcksmunter ,9j. W 27.7 - 642.550,00 € Marie Genlund Ulf Ohlsson 7 Hibogubben ,9j. H 26.3 - 787.800,00 € Bo Landgren Bo Landgren 8 Ulvsås Brasse ,6j. W 26.2 - 610.000,00 € Robert Bergh Björn Goop 9 Ulvsås Zico ,5j. H 25.5 - 609.663,00 € Gunnar Gabrielsson Torbjörn Jansson 10 Mana Grabben ,11j. W 23.9 - 882.388,00 € Robert Bergh Örjan Kihlström 11 Trolldin ,8j. H 25.0 - 628.000,00 € Karl-Erik Sjöbom Hans Brunlöf 2180 m 12 BWGulliver ,7j. H 26.4 - 1.070.776,00 € Jan-Olov Persson Jorma Kontio 13 Timian Best ,9j. W 23.6 - 943.771,00 € Erik Lindegren Erik Lindegren 14 Guli Järven ,6j. H 27.0 - 1.259.082,00 € Jan-Olov Persson Jan-Olov Persson 15 ...

1989 Oak Tree Invitational Handicap [04:27]
Under Russell Baze, who hadn't been on him since the colt won the first race of his life at Del Mar in 1988, Hawkster rolled to a huge lead early before 34866 fans and was still rolling at the finish. He won the Oak Tree by four lengths over Pay the Butler in a time of 2:22 4/5, the fastest 1 1/2 miles ever run, and a time that's considered a world record even though horses going that distance at Santa Anita have the advantage of running the start of the race downhill. Hawkster earned $300000 for his owner, Shelly Meredith of Del Mar, with Baze earning 10% of that for the biggest one-race payoff of his 16-year career. Baze, 31, won the Oak Tree with Both Ends Burning in 1984 when first place was worth $240000. Hawkster, undefeated in four grass starts after going two for 13 on dirt and finishing fifth in all of the Triple Crown races, is a leading candidate for an Eclipse Award on turf. Meredith is not leaning toward running in the $2-million Breeders' Cup Turf at Gulfstream Park, which would require a $240000 supplementary entry payment. Other choices include the Hollywood Derby and the Japan Cup, but no matter where Hawkster races, McAnally made it clear that Baze will continue to ride him. "Pat (Valenzuela) is awfully talented," McAnally said, "but he's not reliable and what happened today really left me hanging. Neither Pat or his agent (Jerry Ingordo) contacted me, and then they weren't to be found. I had to find out from the other agents. "We put Pat on this horse ...

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