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CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-09-04, Race 9 [02:05]
Entries: Thoroughbred Race, CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-09-04, Race 9: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Cash N Carry (GA), Boraco, D, finished 6; 2-Morgans Boy (FL), Nunez, E, finished 5; 3-BL's Who's Who (FL), Sanchez, J, finished 8; 4-Wingedlie (FL), Leyva, J, finished 4; 6-Lunar Fleet (KY), Garcia, J, finished 1; 8-Birdcaper (FL), Cruz, M, finished 2; 9-Money Manager (KY), Thomas, D, finished 3; 10-Outlaw Singer (FL), Montalvo, C, finished 7; ... horse racing CALDER RACE COURSE ...
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER, RACE, COURSE

MX RACING at Dragoon creek mx park in Lyndon Kansas [01:12]
my first itme at a race track, and sorry for the crappy video I have junky internet service and won't let me upload the regular video???? ... wreck race atv "dragoon creek" mx motocross ass hot extreme yamaha horse fight flight "lyndon. yamaha" honda suzuki kawasaki cr kx yfz yz 85 125 250 450 supercross naked drunk school "nitro cirucs"
Tags: wreck, race, atv, dragoon creek, mx, motocross, ass, hot, extreme, yamaha, horse, fight, flight, lyndon. yamaha, honda, suzuki, kawasaki, cr, kx, yfz, yz, 85, 125, 250, 450, supercross, naked, drunk, school, nitro cirucs

LOUISIANA DOWNS September 13, 2009 RACE 5 [02:08]
... "Louisiana Downs" Harrahs "horse racing" thoroughbred "Gwen n' Leestown" "Jason Eads" wagering betting "order of finish"
Tags: Louisiana Downs, Harrahs, horse racing, thoroughbred, Gwen n' Leestown, Jason Eads, wagering, betting, order of finish

CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-09-05, Race 11 [02:04]
, CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-09-05, Race 11: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Havana Max (FL), Rincon, G, finished 9; 1A-Favorite Prank (FL), Lezcano, A, finished 8; 2-Scorbit (FL), Ribera, S, finished 2; 3-Secret Entry (FL), Lopez, J, finished 6; 4-Bea's Treasure (FL), Santiago, J, finished 4; 5-Stamen (FL), Cruz, M, finished 3; 6-Yacht to See (FL), Thomas, D, finished 5; 7-Judge Henry Ferro (FL), Kenny, J, finished 7; 8-Dickie Wonderboy (KY), Sanchez, J, finished 1; ... horse racing CALDER RACE ...
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER, RACE, COURSE

Erin & TF Frenchmans Haley Run for the Diamonds [00:24]
2009 Run for the Diamonds ... "barrel racing" "barrel race" rodeo playday horse pony cowboy cowgirl nfr ifr ipra prca wpra jackson mississippi ruston louisiana "frenchmans guy" "tf frenchmans haley" "erin finlay" futurity colt filly mare "mega barrel race" "holiday classic" "lance graves"
Tags: barrel racing, barrel race, rodeo, playday, horse, pony, cowboy, cowgirl, nfr, ifr, ipra, prca, wpra, jackson, mississippi, ruston, louisiana, frenchmans guy, tf frenchmans haley, erin finlay, futurity, colt, filly, mare, mega barrel race, holiday classic

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