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Iπποδρομίες Επανομής -Αύγουστος 2012 [16:35]
Την 12 Αυγούστου 2012 διοργανώθηκαν και πάλι με επιτυχία οι εθιμοτυπικοί ιππικοί αγώνες στην Επανομή υπό νέα διοίκηση η οποία αποτελείτο από νέα παιδιά με μεράκι και απέδειξαν ότι μπορούν όχι μόνο να κρατήσουν τα ηνία που τους παρέδωσαν οι παλαιότεροι αλλά και να κάνουν καινοτόμες αλλαγές προς όφελος του Εθίμου και του Αθλήματος !!!!!!
Tags: ιπποδρομοσ, ippodromies, epanomis, αθλήματα, αλογα, horses, αναβατες, ippodromos, Thessaloniki-race, course, athlete-horse, kazakos, Καζάκος, sports, jockey, θεσσαλονίκη, θεσσαλονίκης, salonika,

Προπόνηση στην Λιτή -Θεσσαλονίκη 12-8-2012 [03:40]
Προπόνηση στην Λιτή -Θεσσαλονίκη Καζάκος -Κουτσοπέτρος 12-8-2012 Ειδική Προπόνηση 3000 χιλιομέτρων στην Λιτή -Θεσσαλονίκης παρέα με τον Νίκο Κουτσοπέτρο -Ελλήσποντος και εγώ με τον Ζωντανό Θρύλο ,έτσι για να ξεπιαστώ και λιγάκι μετά από 12 χρόνια ανενεργούς δράσεως ,μάλλον θα πρέπει να αρχίσω την εντατική προπόνηση !!!! Υπ'οψιν τα δυο αλογα διαγωνίστηκαν στις ιπποδρομίες της Επανομής στα 2400μ. και ελαβαν τη 1η και 3η θέση
Tags: ιπποδρομοσ, ippodromies, epanomis, αθλήματα, αλογα, horses, αναβατες, ippodromos, Thessaloniki-race, course, athlete-horse, kazakos, Καζάκος, sports, jockey, θεσσαλονίκη, θεσσαλονίκης, salonika,

Men's pentathlon David Svoboda wins the gold - Summer Olympics 2012 in London (my response) [01:36]
(my response) David Svoboda of the Czech Republic won the modern pentathlon Saturday at the London Games after matching the Olympic record in the fencing event to open the competition. Svoboda, who won the European championship two years ago, led by just one second going into the final event, a combination of running and shooting. He briefly lost the lead after his main rival, Cao Zhongrong of China, was quicker to hit the five targets. Svoboda, however, regained the lead in the running part of the event, throwing his arms in the air to celebrate long before crossing the line. He finished with 5928 points to beat silver medalist Cao by 24 points. Adam Marosi of Hungary, the 2009 world champion, won bronze with 5836 points. ''In Beijing, I was fighting for the gold medal, but it all ended in disappointment,'' said Svoboda, who started as the favorite at the 2008 Olympics but finished 28th. ''So I decided to fight for gold again.'' Cao said he was ''quite happy'' with his performance after earning China's first medal in the event. ''To show your strength on the Olympic grandstand, that's great,'' Cao said through an interpreter. World champion Aleksander Lesun went into the final event in third place, but needed 10 shots to hit his five targets in his first shooting round. He lost too much time there to keep up with Svoboda and Cao, and finished fourth. Two-time defending champion Andrei Moiseev of Russia lost his chance at another gold, falling to sixth going into the ...
Tags: London, Olympics, Olympic, Track, pentathlon, Summer, Gold, five, different, events, fencing, swimming, horse, riding, shooting, and, running, to, survive, medal, czech, republic

Maria Remedio @ Parx Racing on 08/12/12 [01:37]
Video of jockey Maria Remedio winning the 4th race on August 12, 2012 aboard horse "Snow Trillium" for Trainer Guadalupe Preciado. Maria is on the 5th horse....
Tags: maria remedio, female jockeys, female athletes, horse racing

Olympic Opening Ceremony 1956 Stockholm Equestrian Games (Amateur Footage) [02:23]
After the IOC awarded the Games of the XVIth Olympiad to Melbourne in Victoria, Australia they learned that Australian quarantine laws required a six-month quarantine period for horses entering the country. As the six-month quarantine made it impractical for competitors horses to be transported to Australia, this precluded Melbourne from being able to host the equestrian events at the 1956 Olympic Games. It was decided, actually in violation of the Olympic Charter, to contest separate Equestrian Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden, from 10 through 17 June 1956. At the 50th IOC Session in Athens on 13 May 1954, Stockholm was chosen to host the Equestrian Olympics over Paris, France; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Berlin, Germany; and Los Angeles, California, USA. The 1956 Equestrian Games were held without major political incidents, although some would occur a few months later and affect the Games in Melbourne in November. The opening ceremony was quite unusual as all competitors came in on their mounts, including the flag bearers. Hans Wikne brought the Olympic Flame into the stadium on horseback and lit the main torch. Karin Lindberg and Henry Eriksson held lighted torches, ran towards the stadium tower with the torches and lit flames there. Sweden's Henri Saint Cyr recited the oath of the athletes while on his horse, and later won two gold medals in individual and team dressage. This was matched by Germany's Hans Günter Winkler, who won gold medals in the individual and team ...
Tags: London 2012, Stockholm (City/Town/Village), Olympics, Track, Field, Horse, Beijing, Gold, Interview, Footage, Horses, Vancouver, Relay, World, Winter, Bolt, Team, Championships, Running, Medal, Sports, Phelps, Record, China, 100m, Fleetwood, Ceremony, Swi

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