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Melissa Harding on Digby running flags in Donnelly, AB/09
He did really good considering he's never run flags before!! Great job! ... "Melissa Harding" Digby Gymkhana "Donnelly AB" "Barrel racing" horse stakes
Tags: Melissa Harding, Digby, Gymkhana, Donnelly AB, Barrel racing, horse, stakes

Premio della Lotteria 2006 -Malabar Circle As
Ås, A. Guzzinati 1.12.1 (Malabar Man - Eternal Circle) 2 Lets Go, E. Bellei 1.12.2 3 Ludo de Castelle, J. Verbeeck 1.12.4 4 Derrick di Jesolo, P. Gubellini 1.12.8 5 Straightup, J. Kontio 1.12.9 6 Digger Crown, E. Adielsson 1.12.9 7 Pegasus Boko, R. Andreghetti 1.12.9 8 Freiherr As, A. Mollema 1.13.7 9 Hövding Lavec, L. Kolgjini 1.14.6 ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab malabar circle as lets go digger crown premio della lotteria agnano napoli italy ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, malabar, circle, as, lets, go, digger, crown, premio, della, lotteria, agnano, napoli, italy

Barrel racing-Sideways
Video created out of some of the new clips from bridgwater, and some old clips. im pretty happy with how it turned out! :) comment, rate, enjoy! =] sinjon228 ... barrel racing pole bending gymkanah games bridgwater exhibition 2009 quater horse throughbred sinjon228 horses chestnut sinjon sandman
Tags: barrel, racing, pole, bending, gymkanah, games, bridgwater, exhibition, 2009, quater, horse, throughbred, sinjon228, horses, chestnut, sinjon, sandman

Premio Città di Taranto 2009 -Leticia Bi
Taranto-Italy, €66.000 - 02/08/2009 - 1.600mt 1. Leticia Bi, Edoardo Moni 1:12,6 (Sugarcane Hanover - Amerique Top) 2. Love Story Nor, Gaetano Di Nardo 1:12,8 3. Lover Power, Pietro Gubellini 1:13,0 4. Lando Correvo, Giuseppe Lombardo 1:13,2 5. Lorenz del Ronco, Mario Minopoli 1:13,4 6. Lester, Giuseppe Pistone 1:13,7 7. Limbo dei Venti, Manfredo Matteini rp ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab premio città di taranto italy leticia bi lover power ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, premio, città, di, taranto, italy, leticia, bi, lover, power, lester

Barrel racing my new barrel horse!
This is my Oaky boy! lol yeah i know my first barrel he tried to run around it again, it was because i turned him and idnt let go of my rein, my second barrel was AMAZING, my third was ok but he tried to cut it off and ran down the fence around the first barrel because thats how we always practice. Yeah i know it wasnt the best run but damn for me being like a 3D rider riding a 1D barrel horse that likes to shoulder, i think im doing pretty good! I have made better runs but everyone wants to ...
Tags: My, New, Barrel, Horse, Oaky, Racing, Fun, Bad, Fast, 2009, Horses, Arabbarrelracer

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