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Kelli Reilly and Brody Double M 2012 [00:29]
Kelli and brody running barrels at double m
Tags: Barrel, Racing, Horse, Equestrian, Kelli, Brody, Turn, Double, Barn, Show

P 2012/04/07 GⅡ サンスポ杯阪神牝馬S [01:38]
2012/4/7(土) 2回阪神5日目 11R 1400m芝内B 良1 着 ⑮クィーンズバーン ・・・・・・・・ 1.21.9 - 35.5 54.0 藤岡佑介2 着 ⑩マルセリーナ ・・・・・・・・・・・ 1.21.9 - 34.6 56.0 M.デムーロ3 着 ⑦フミノイマージン ・・・・・・・・・ 1.22.0 - 34.3 54.0 太宰啓介4 着 ⑭エーシンリターンズ ・・・・・・ 1.22.1 - 34.1 54.0 川田将雅5 着 ②スプリングサンダー ・・・・・・ 1.22.2 - 35.1 54.0 四位洋文6 着 ⑥チャームポット ・・・・・・・・・・ 1.22.2 - 35.3 54.0 柴山雄一7 着 ⑯アパパネ ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 1.22.3 - 34.8 56.0 岩田康誠8 着 ③エーシンハーバー ・・・・・・・ 1.22.3 - 34.9 54.0 武豊9 着 ⑬サワヤカラスカル ・・・・・・・・ 1.22.4 - 34.7 54.0 幸英明10着 ⑨レディアルバローザ ・・・・・ 1.22.5 - 35.4 54.0 浜中俊11着 ⑧アンシェルブルー ・・・・・・・ 1.22.5 - 34.6 54.0 池添謙一12着 ④キョウワジャンヌ ・・・・・・・・ 1.22.6 - 35.0 54.0 飯田祐史13着 ①オウケンサクラ ・・・・・・・・・・ 1.22.7 - 35.3 54.0 北村友一14着 ⑪カトルズリップス ・・・・・・・・ 1.22.7 - 36.2 54.0 藤田伸二15着 ⑫セブンシークィーン ・・・・・・ 1.22.8 - 34.7 54.0 和田竜二16着 ⑤フォーエバーマーク ・・・・・・ 1.23.4 - 36.5 54.0 佐藤哲三17着 ⑰ゴールドピアース ・・・・・・・ 1.24.5 - 36.0 54.0 木村健単 勝 ⑮ 5510円 複 勝 ⑮ 1080円 ⑩ 200円 ⑦ 240円 枠 連 5 - 8 940円 馬 連 ⑩-⑮ 22180円 ワ イ ド ⑩-⑮ 5900円 ⑦-⑮ 5240円 ⑦-⑩ 740円 馬 単 ⑮-⑩ 60320円 三連複 ⑦-⑩-⑮ 44470円 三連単 ⑮-⑩-⑦ 441470円 データに誤りがあるかもしれないので参考程度にして下さい。 レースリプレイは動画名の頭文字"P"を"R"に変えて検索して下さい。 2012年重賞パトロール
Tags: パトロールビデオ, サンケイスポーツ杯阪神牝馬ステークス, 阪神牝馬s, クィーンズバーン, 藤岡佑介, 競馬, G2, SANKEISPORTS-HAI, HANSHIN-HIMBA-STAKES, Queen's-Barn, Yusuke-Fujioka, Horse-racing

The Levade - Henry preforms the Levade and rears on command [03:39]
Henry rearing on command on the ground, with a rider and preforming the Levade. PLEASE READ BELOW to see how I trained him to do this. The clips and some of the pics are older. I will post more recent stuff when I can. ~~~ I started on the lunge line with him, I noticed if I had him face me and shook the whip at his legs he would jump up a bit and take off. I used this to my advantage by stopping him if he ran and praising him for the upward jump. I then combined that with the word UP he caught on right away the first time we worked on it. He learned to do a small rear in about a weeks time. I used a whip to signal him and the motion of my body towards him and with my arms up. Soon he would preform for both the word and the motion. He went higher as we kept practicing. I also would tap him on the legs occasionally with the whip if he was not going as high as before. If I would swing the whip at him the same way with out taping him he would also get the hint to go higher. ~~~ To get him to do it while ridden I took the whip and moved it up in the air near his head where he could see it and kept the word UP with it. He figured this out in 1 day as well. After that it was just a lot of practice to make it better. Now I can signal him with the word, the whip, or the motion of my arms all while on his back. ~~~ The Levade I did not train him for this in the traditional way. I took his rearing and asked him for collection and a head set while giving the command to rear. I did ...
Tags: horse, Show, Jumping, Horses, Riding, Pony, Dressage, Hunter, Equestrian, Western, Barrel, Arabian, Quarter, Horseback, Racing, Saddle, Pleasure, Equine, Training, Eventing, Thoroughbred, Stables, Lesson, Paint, Warmblood, Colt, Barn, skateboarding, Ranch

Roll Bernie Roll! [01:29]
Teasing Bernie rolls and plays in the our outddoor pen at the Del Mar barn, 8/5/12. Footage by James Cassidy Racing Stable
Tags: horse, racing

Demonstrating proper Equitation walk-trot [01:34]
Equitation is vital, especially in a show. It's just the "book" way of how you should look on a horse from the basics to the olympic levels. Walk- trot is simple. I listed some of the things that should be on your equitation checklist in the video. You'll also see a comment I included about making the horse work off her back end. As a horse is supposed to be balanced, the "power" should come from the back end. Keep contact in the front, but make sure your horse's hind end is always engaged. Another pointer... a sitting trot should be visibly slower than a rising or posting trot. while in the sitting trot, try not to bounce all over the saddle. Some horses are very bouncey. A way to strengthen yourself up to be able to handle this with good eq would be to try no stirrups. This strengthens your leg and teaches you not to rely on stirrups to balance you. Also lets you really get the feel of the horse's motion/
Tags: equine, horse, walk, trot, proper, english, equitation, Horses, Jumping, Riding, Equestrianism (Sport), Hunter, Dressage, Training, Quarter, Pony, Western, Barrel, Horseback, Racing, Saddle, Eventing, Pleasure, Thoroughbred, Way, Stables, barn, hind, end,

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