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Trululu Breezes his First Half w/ Immuvet January 28,2011 [05:47]
Trululu working a easy first half towards his hopeful carreer as a race horse. Using Quick Training by Immuvet, we may be looking to his first start in March '11.
Tags: immuvet;, ocala, training, center;, thoroughbred, racing;, quick, train;, stafford, farms;, tamara, stafford;, globalhorseowner;, archived, streaming;, bringing, race, horse, to, its, first, start;, kentucky;, limehouse;, hyperspace, training;, infrastruc

Dear Zenyatta Straight From Our Hearts (Teena Marie) [05:19]
Celebrating our love for Zenyatta with video and pictures. Dear Zenyatta and all of Team Z and Barn 55, Straight from my heart I hope everyone's love finds you and lifts you up always. I own all of the pictures and video except for the ones taken at Lane's end. anyone wanting to use anything of mine is always welcome to. Music: By the Late wonderful Teena Marie may she rest in sweet peace. The beautiful blond is my dear friend Michele.I wanted to capture the joy Zenyatta gives her fans and Michele"s smile says it all. I will always be grateful to Zenyatta for bringing us and all the other wonderful people I have met in the name of mutual love for Queen Zenyatta. Long Live the Queen!
Tags: Zenyatta, Champion, Mare, horse, racing, Apple, Blossom, Breeders, Cup, love, Joy, forever, thankyou, Team, Queen, Zenny, Mario, friends

Rainsville NBHA Run 9.25.10 [00:40]
This is my new mare, Paris, aka Sis, aka Annie's Autograph. Our very first run ever together. We didn't knock any barrels, but I brought her down to a 3D time at a 16.6 :( MAN we went wide around that first barrel (completely my fault!) I can't wait to get to know her better and be able to run her well :) I love her so much and I thank God every day for bringing such an incredible horse into my life.
Tags: nbha, barrel racing, pole bending, quarter horse, horse, horses, Paris, rodeo, cowgirl, cowgirl up, running, fun, crazy, 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, barrel horse, rodeo queen, horse show, AOHA, AQHA

2010_bosen_flatracing.mp4 [01:05]
The Bosen $15000 Added Race Futurity is the 2nd largest Race Futurity in Idaho and the Bosen $5000 Added Derby is one of Idaho's major Derbies. This race was run on August 28, 2010. It started with the Bosen Derby Finals with eight three year olds flying down the straight away for 400 yards in search of nearly 14 thousand dollars. As they hit the wire, it's the number three horse, Bug Tussell, ridden by Dallas Erickson nosing out the number one horse Eye-sa Lane. Then, in the 13 thousand-500 dollar American Quarter Horse Association Distance Challenge, it's the number nine horse, Iona Corona ridden by Preston jockey, Paul Greene, and owned by Idaho Falls residents, Gary and Jeralyn Messenger holding off the number one horse, Yin Your Eyes to take the victory. In the final race of the season, the 51 thousand dollar Bosen Futurity Finals, it's the number three horse Tisa Easy Eye Opener owned by Pocatello's Andy and Mary Atkinson, winning with Preston jockey Wes Smith bringing home the victory to pay 13 dollars and 80 cents. It's the two year old very first victory.
Tags: horse, racing, idaho, race, horses, bosen, futurity, derby

An ex race horse? [02:10]
Everyone meet Foxy Rockette :) 16.1hh 10 years old thoroughbred ex race horse Im hopefully going to have foxy over the summer to re break and bring on :) my friend Rohaise (xxxbluebubblesxxx) owns her but didnt gel with her and doesnt have time to work with foxy as she is bringing on another youngster so i said i would have foxy as i have my last exam next week and then im free so am going to be doing lots of work with the horses lol foxy was saved from going to meat after she finshed racing and has not been ridden since so yeahh comment and tell me what you think of her and i should have more videos of her soon :) enjoy xx
Tags: youngster, ex, race, horse, showjumping, green

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