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PA HarnessWeek Episode #175 (Nov. 10, 2012) [29:03]
Fifty shades of gray? Pocono celebrated more shades than that as they celebrated Halloween with the annual Gray Ghost & Poltergeist Pace...we've got the recap. Kelly chats with trainer and driver Joe Pavia Jr about his long career, how the sport has changed over the years and his thoughts on yet another successful season. We also head to Indiana Downs for the Indiana Pacing Derby, won by Foiled Again with Yannick Gingas in the bike, as well as Tim Tetrick's win in the Oliver Trotting Classic with Upfront Billy. Sharla catches up with Tim about his drive in the big race as well as his thoughts on a horse to watch, Mr Hasani M, quite possibly one of the sport's stars of tomorrow. Plus wins from Tom Jackson with Keystone Velocity, Tyler Buter with Woodstock Hanover, Mitchell Walker with Rush N Supreme, Matt Kakaley with Dodger Hanover, Ron Pierce with That's Justice and more.

The Key to Training Success - Patience, Consistency, Kindness [01:41]
Spring 2012 (First year off the track) 5yo off the track Quarter Horse to be used for barrel racing and dressage. Had an issue of head tossing at the start of his training. This issue was fixed with NO equipment changes, NO rough training methods or harsh bits/equipment (was being ridden in a Myler snaffle), NO trank or other types of supplements used to "calm" a horse (ie - equine chill) and NO professional riding/training (only riding done by myself without professional instruction). FYI - this issue was fixed within about a month, maybe less. The tools used to fix this issue were: PATIENCE - getting frustrated causes tension in the rider which transfers to the horse making it impossible for him to relax into the contact and become supple and engaged. Also, losing patience and yanking the rein when soft, consistent contact doesn't seem to be creating results is counterproductive and could irritate the horse or (on a more sensitive horse) upset the horse to the point where they do not trust you enough to work for you. CONSISTENCY - In order for an issue like this to be resolved on a young horse, the rider must always be giving the same message as to not confuse the horse. Every time the head is tossed, contact is held and leg pressure is increased to push the horse into the contact. When he softens and brings his head down he is rewarded - a "good boy" and a pat on the neck with a slight decrease in rein contact tells him he did something right. If this is done the same ...

horse racing: drastic odds change on the winner more than half way through the race. [01:55]
Odds manipulation after the start of the as the odds change on the winner almost 3/4 of the way through the race. This is an extreme example but it happens all the time. And when was the last time the odds on the winner went up in the middle of a race? ahhhhhh never?

ダリア賞 2012.08.04 エイシンラトゥナ 新潟芝内1400m 芝Aコース [01:34]
2012年8月4日 2回新潟7日目9R ダリア賞 芝1400m 芝Aコース 2歳 オープン 10頭立 14:35発走 / 別定 (混合) 天候:晴 芝:良1.エイシンラトゥナ 1:21.8 - 35.5 2.エフティチャーミー 1:21.8 - 34.7 3.リアリティー 1:21.9 - 34.7 4.ファンアットコート5.アイサレジョウズ6.ウエスタンソーレ7.モーニングムーン8.コスモリープリング9.アイディンビュー10.インティワタナ1番人気エイシンラトゥナ(内田博幸騎手)が勝利した。勝ちタイムは1分21秒8。 エイシンラトゥナは栗東・松元茂樹厩舎の2歳牝馬で、父Exchange Rate、母Queen's Play(母の父Kingmambo)。通算成績は2戦2勝となった。 レース後のコメント1着 エイシンラトゥナ 内田博幸騎手 「内枠ということで、外から被されるのが嫌だったので少し強引に出して行きました。その分、最後は一杯になりかけましたが、外から馬が来るとまた伸びてくれました。2番手からもレースができますし、牝馬の割にドッシリした感じで将来が楽しみです」 松元茂樹調教師のコメント「スピードのある馬ですから、この距離も問題ないと思っていました。最後交わされそうな感じからまた伸びてくれました。今後はまた距離を延ばしていきたいと思っていますが、暑い時期に2回使いましたから、今後は休ませてその後の成長を楽しみにしたいと思います」 2着 エフティチャーミー 蛯名正義騎手 「今日のようなじっくり行くレースをしたかったんです。距離延長も問題なく、十分折り合いもついて、最後は突き抜ける感じだったのですが、相手がまた伸びましたね。でも、今日のような競馬ができれば、将来楽しみですよ」
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Fourstardave - "The Sultan Of Saratoga" [02:16]
Fourstardave (1985--2002) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse. Fans called him "The Sultan of Saratoga" because he'd won at least one race at Saratoga Race Course each year from 1987 to 1994. He died of a heart attack in October 2002 at the age of 17 on the Belmont Park track yet is buried in Claire Court at Saratoga Race Course. This is a rare honor since only three horses are buried there. He died October 14, 2002 after having been shipped to Belmont Park to take part in a post parade of retired New York-breds on New York Showcase Day. Taken out onto the track in early morning to do light training he had a heart attack while trotting the track clockwise. Fourstardave retired having made 99 starts with a record of 21-18-16 and earnings of $1636560. At Saratoga, the fan favorite set a course record of 1:38 4/5 for a mile and a sixteenth. On the turf he was perhaps best, winning 15 races and almost $1 million. Upon his retirement, he was feted at neighboring Siro's Restaurant, where he was presented with an edible key to the city and had the small lane named "Fourstardave Way" in his honor. In his honor and tribute The Daryl's Joy Stakes at Saratoga was changed to the Fourstardave, now a Grade 2 stakes. In 1997 (at the age of 12) he participated in the High Hope Steeplechase at the Kentucky Horse Park in an amateur event for charity, and finished second.
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