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Lofty comes home and his first ride [03:31]
*Music is not mine* Hey everyone! Finally another video up, it feels like ages since my last one! Lofty came home 2 Sundays ago, and due to us having nowhere to ride we have just been doing some basic groundwork, grooming, getting to know each other etc.. The arena is now back in action so last night I thought I'd jump on and have our first ride since coming home and he was unreal. Had one little spook at the start, but other than that, and being a bit strong he was just ace. The chick in the white top is my bestie, Bonnie who is awesome! Thanks Bon for being there for his first ride and helping out :) The plan is to ease him into full work over the next couple of weeks. We have a heap of things to work on, so stay tuned! Thanks to everyone that's subscribed, I think there's 210 of you now, I appreciate it heaps, and all the comments and messages so thank you! :) xx
Tags: OTTB, ex race horse, racehorse, thoroughbred, re-training, horse, schooling, dressage, jumping, sj, efa, ea, showjump, show jumper, krequestrian, Katie Rode

DZIEŃ 63, gonitwa 8 (tor 2.9; 1°C) [02:22]
Dobrze ruszył Sambor, ale po chwili na prowadzeniu zmieniły go Really Fast i Terencio. Blisko czołówki biegły również Domitto i Rock'n'roll, który odpadł na prostej. Po chwili spasował również Terencio. Finiszujący Domitto objął prowadzenie. Sambor nie mógł przejść przy kanacie, ale w końcówce zaatakował środkiem toru i najpierw wyprzedził Really Fast, aw celowniku ograł również Domitto. Czwarty był debiutujący Ivo przed Kastamem. Było to czwarte tego dnia zwycięstwo dżokeja Piotra Krowickiego i trzecie trenera Józefa Siwonii. Hodowcą i właścicielem Sambora jest Jacek Cukrowski.
Tags: Dzień 63, Tor Służewiec, 19.11.2011, wyścigi konne, polish, horse, racing, torsluzewiec, 1939

OTTB - Roger's Story [04:09]
Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. Hey everyone! As promised, here is Roger's video time-line. It starts back in Feb of this year (2011) when we had the first ride. This was after we'd had him for a month or so. We got him as a scraggly 7 year old, head to toe in rain scald, and three days out from ending up at the market, and lord only knows if he was to end up as dog meat :( So my good friend Georgie rescued him, we bought him together and started all the hard work. She did hours upon hours of groundwork, and I did the ridden work. He was completely green, had no steering whatsoever , but we could both see he had unbelievable potential, so we gave him a go. Little by little he improved, obviously there was a lot more that we did with him then what's in the video, but we started to get him round, canter leads, and get him jumping. WHAT A JUMP he had on him, my god! I have never been on a horse with such a ping, and not only was he fun to ride, but he was safe as well, having never refused the whole time we had him. We took him out to adult rider's club, a dressage show, and more jumping days than you can poke a stick at and started to have a lot of fun with him ...
Tags: ottb, tb, thoroughbred, race horse, slaughter, rescue, show jumper, sj, EFA, eventer, Katie Rode

Henka Gustafsson - Toni Kasper Länderkampf Pocking 1994 [04:54]
Wyścig 1 Drużynowego turnieju Wielkanocnego z udziałem : H.Gustafsson, Zoltan Hajdu, Stefano Alfonso, Robert Barth, Antonin Kasper, Toni Pilotto.
Tags: Henrik, Gustafsson, Antonin, Kasper, Pocking, 1994, Zoltan, Hajdu, Stefano, Alfonso, Robert, Barth, Toni, Pilotto, speedway, zuzel, racing, sport, race, sweden, nascar, stockholm, swedish, horse, track, Race 07, bobby, daniel, Stockholm Municipality, vinc

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