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BTCC 2012 Big Crash and Fire for Griffin at Croft [01:11]
Liam Griffin had another big crash, following Oulton Park, including Lea Wood, causing his Redstone Ford to burst into flames, but thanks to the quick thinking and actions of the Marshals it was dealt with efficiently. BTCC at Croft 2012.
Tags: Fire (Disaster Type), Griffin (Amusement Ride Theme), Disaster (Quotation Subject), Family, Racing, Race, Big, Crash, Brother, Nascar, Small, Speedway, Horse

Case Study Entrainement Mollema & Victoria Park Wolvega [21:46]
Entrainement Mollema/Victoria Park, Wolvega; The Netherlands Friday 20-01-2012 Twee teams van jonge managers van installatiebedrijf Feenstra Warmte Totaalzorg, onder begeleiding van Patrick Davidson lieten hun ideeen los over de gang van zaken, knelpunten en oplossingen voor het entrainement van Arnold Mollema en drafbaan Victoria Park. Een team ging uitgebreid kijken en ervaren hoe het er aan toe gaat in de stallen van Arnold Mollema. Met de uitstekende uitleg van Jolanda Mollema en Cornelis Loman konden zij zich een beeld vormen om te bekijken wat er goed gaat en waar zaken efficienter en beter kunnen worden gemaakt. Ze mochten een paar baantjes rijden met Unearthed en zelfs sturen ! Het tweede team kreeg een uitgebreide rondleiding over de drafbaan, de stallen en de faciliteiten voor de deelnemers, bezoekers en gasten. Zij werden bijgestaan door baanmanager Ralf Dekker. Na de plussen en de minnen in een managementsysteem te stoppen, moesten zij hun verhaal doen aan Jolanda Mollema en baandirecteur Casper Veldink. Een leuk idee om mensen van buiten de sport hun licht te laten schijnen op de sport in een brede vorm. Watchingponies was er weer bij !
Tags: Victoria, Park, Wolvega, Feenstra, Warmte, Totaalzorg, Entrainement, Arnold, Mollema, Cornelis, Loman, Unearthed, Drafbaan, Renbaan, Paarden, Paardensport, Horses, Trotting, Trotter, Horse, Racing, Hoefijzers, Tuigen, Brokken, Haver, Muesli, Draver, Drafs

Monty Roberts inspired join up on a race horse [06:26]
Blue Jay is a 5 years old race horse , who has lots of issues , due to an accident , and a bad treatment from brutal trainers , he was a lost case , very aggressive , head-shy , and dominant stallion charging and attacking people . He used to be confined in his inner world escaping from people and biting pretty heard if you come near . His jokey and him were like cats and dog and it was an everyday struggle . His owner Mohamad decided to take him out of the race and let him have a great and friendly life . I removed every single painful device , and hopefully every single painful memories . Horse have this unbeatable thing we hardly have ,COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS . Blue react so efficiently to his new life that from first day he was already bitless (from doctor Cook bridle ) in the paddock , the day after in the open desert and the challenging street without pulling or protesting , he was showing of waiting for his mouth to hurt , but found nothing in return to his behavior . Every day with Blue is a joy , discovering a graceful delicate personality, he do reject any kind of pressure but is willing to do anything you want by a simple thought even ! he ask for kindness and extreme softness in handling him as if he is made of porcelain . what he give you is a million time rewarding . Our adventure is only 3 weeks old and already Blue is another horse . I'm so proud of him you have no idea !
Tags: Monty, Roberts, Live, Arena, Horse, Racing, natural, horsemanship, in, kuwait, Mohamas, Al, Sayed, blue, Jay, doctor, Cook, Bitless, bridle, training, dificult, cheval, difficile, dressage, de, chevaux, course, dificile, resulta, du, join, up, Jumping, Ri

Melbourne Cup 2011 Preview [02:14]
Quickly rushed to make this video, only took about 30 minutes, its not the best but please enjoy - A quick preview to the 2011 Melbourne Cup
Tags: Melbourne, Cup, 2011, Americain, Purple, Moon, Makaybe, Diva, sportsfanatic1112, Efficient, Manighar, Horse, Racing

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