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2010 With Blue - pt 2 - [07:05]
i do not own music youtube please dont take my music youtube please dont cut my video iv worked hard on this video i hope every1 enjoys it comments subscribe and thumbs up songs: katy perry - firework :: ellie goulding - your song :: rhianna - only girl plz sub..x and obvs enjoy
Tags: katy, perry, firework, ellie, goulding, your, song, rihanna, only, girl, behind, blue, eyes, caznblue, thehorsechick1, horses, ponies, horse, riding, jumping, cavalette, trotting, poles, first, time, lunging, in, the, field, jumps, free, trainning, school

2010 NFR Las Vegas - Round 2 - Barrel Racing [01:56]
Kelli Tolbert gets a 13.68 in Round 2 to win it. Nellie Williams runs a 14.00 . Lisa Lockhart clocks 13.74 and Jill Moody gets a 13.71.
Tags: barrel racing, kelli tolbert, lisa lockhart, nellie williams, jill moody, horse, nfr, las vegas, teri spence

Jade Started Horse Riding! [01:24]
I DO NOT OWN THE SONGS ON THIS VIDEO, AND ELLIE IS NOT MY HORSE!!!! In this i think i'm jumping about 2' 9'' at the highest.. i've always loved horses, they're amazing. i first rode a horse when i was three, and that was my dad's horse, Rosie. I didn't ride her much because i never saw my dad much, but whenever i saw dad we always went up and rode her. I think the freedom and rush you get from horse riding is amazing. Too know you're only controlling the direction she/he goes and nothing else is amazing; to know that all you're relying on is the trust your horse has for you. thanks watching; please subscribe, rate and favourite.
Tags: jade, jewelled, jeweled, summer, suummer, suuummer, suuuummer, ellie, mary, daykin, horses, horse, jumping, racing, dressage, scene, emo, hair, make, up, ft, foot

ARLINGTON PARK, 2010-05-15, Race 4 [01:53]
Entries: Thoroughbred Race, ARLINGTON PARK, 2010-05-15, Race 4: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Sealaunch (KY), Wade, L, finished 4; 2-Jitterbug Blues (IL), Baze, M, finished 2; 3-BN Graced N Glory (IL), Felix, J, finished 6; 4-Like Candy (KY), Hamilton, Q, finished 7; 5-Wild Hope (IL), Riggs, T, finished 5; 6-Grassy Nellie (KY), Thornton, T, finished 3; 7-Pathway (IL), Emigh, C, finished 1;
Tags: horse, racing, ARLINGTON PARK

Orebro International 2010 -Spring Erom [04:12]
Orebro-Sweden, SKr 770.000 - 01/05/2010 - 3.140mt 1. Spring Erom, Björn Goop 1:14,2 (Gentle Star - Springflickan) 2. Infatti November, Erik Adielsson 1:14,4 3. Derby Clipper, Örjan Kihlström 1:15,0 4. Imola November, Lutfi Kolgjini 1:14,9 5. Västerbo Paradise, Kent Knutsson 1:15,8 6. Nice Little Aert, Johnny Takter 1:15,9 7. Oceans Eleven, Flemming Jensen 1:16,1 8. River de Liton, Jörgen Westholm 1:16,6 9. Smashing Suit, Thomas Uhrberg 1:16,6 10. Nellie Vingboons, Per Fromell 1:16,3 11. True Q., Åke Svanstedt 1:16,6 12. Midsummer King, Mikael Andersson 1:17,4 13. Nice And A Star, Tony Wallin 1:18,6 14. Ladies Man, Jorma Kontio rp 15. Mirakel Lavec, Carl-Erik Lindblom rp
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, orebro, international, spring, erom, sweden

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