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Valenzo FL Horsepark Jan 15 2011 [06:07]
WMM messed up the music transitions!! Me and Valenzo riding third level test 2 at the FL horsepark January 15 2011. This was our first show,after riding him for only 2 months. His trot is Amazing! it is just his "normal"( if you can call it normal) trot, it is no where near his "second" trot! What would you say this ride is worthy of? somewhere around the 70's? I think so. Well, the judge, Marian Cunningham (s) gave our ride a 59%! This just goes to show that judges out here in redneck land don't know a thing about dressage. all they see is horses moving like stick horses all day long. And when they see a nice horse they just want to mock that pair because it is of more quality than the "rest of the horses" If i were to have ridden this test in Wellington (west palm beach, FL) or in the Netherlands, it would have been scored correctly. The first test i did (third level test 1) was scored appropriately with a 63%. Valenzo wasn't really "with me" and not paying attention in that ride, But this one! we were the best at the show! Not one horse came close to Valenzo (quality wise) But you know what? I don't care that the judge gave aa ridiculously low score (just goes to show what a fool she is) I know I rode great and that's all that matters! (after a while, once i ride more shows, judges will not be able to give me low scores anymore) My favorite moment of the ride was at 5:13 to 5:16, I looked to my left, the stands were full and it was very quiet. Thanks for watching and ...
Tags: Dressage, Show, Florida, Horse, Park, Dutch, Warmblood, Gelding, Mare, Stallion, horses, jumping, linkin, racing, riding

Criterium Continental 2010 -Sévérino [03:00]
Vincennes-France, €240.000 - 26/12/2010 - 2.140mt 1. Sévérino, Christian Bigeon 1:12,1 (Gobernador - Katia de Tillard) 2. Save The Quick, Franck Nivard 1:12,2 3. Zorro Photo, Jos Verbeeck 1:12,3 4. Sawasde de Houelle, Yves Dreux 1:12,4 5. Scoop d´Yvel, Mathieu Fribault 1:12,5 6. Main Wise As, Pierre Levesque 1:12,5 7. Sanymède Tivoli, Jean-Michel Bazire 1:12,6 8. Mack Grace SM, Tommaso di Lorenzo 1:12,7 9. Sereno, Patrice Lebouteiller 1:12,8 10. Sancho Turgot, Franck Anne 1:12,9 11. Son Alezan, Eric Raffin 1:13,2 12. You Bet Hornline, Robert Bergh dist. 13. Sancho du Glay, Bernard Piton rp 14. Sam Bourbon, Julien Dubois rp 15. Red Hot Dynamite, Michel Lenoir rp 16. Juggle Face, Dominik Locqueneux rp 17. Sierra Léone, Jean-William Hallais rp 18. Sinko du Vivier, Christophe Martens rp
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, criterium, continental, vincennes, france, severino

Premio Emilia Filly 2008 -Lana del Rio [02:44]
Milano-Italy, 25/04/2008 - 2.100mt 1. Lana del Rio, Santo Mollo 1:14,3 (Varenne - Urbem d'Asolo) 2. Linda di Casei, Alessandro Gocciadoro 1:14,4 3. Lovely Bi, Andrea Guzzinati 1:14,6 4. Lavinia CR, Hendrik Grift 1:15,6 5. Livian Grif, Massimiliano Castaldo 1:15,9 6. Lollypop Wise, Andrea Farolfi 1:16,6 7. Lobelia, Giovanni Fulici 1:17,7 8. Lolamar, Lorenzo Baldi 1:18,8 9. Lena di Azzura, Enrico Bellei rp 10. Leonida Grif, Marco Smorgon rp 11. L´Amoureuse, Pietro Gubellini rp 12. Letter Bomb Treb, Roberto Andreghetti rp
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, premio, emilia, filly, san, siro, miano, italy, lana, del, rio

Premio Trinacria 2010 -Merckx Ok [03:10]
Palermo-Italy, €66.000 - 13/11/2010 - 1.600mt 1. Merckx OK, Andrea Buzzitta 1:13,6 (Pine Chip - Zibbia Jet) 2. Maier, Tommaso Di Lorenzo 1:13,7 3. Mambo Font SM, Natale Cintura 1:13,7 4. Mara OP, Andrea Lombardo 1:14,2 5. Milagro, Biagio Lo Verde 1:14,2 6. Miele d´Alfa, Enrico Bellei 1:14,2 7. Myself Kris, Vincenzo P. Dell´Annunziata 1:14,4 8. Morrison, Romeo Gallucci 1:14,4 9. Maestrale Spin, Mario Minopoli jr. 1:14,6
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, premio, trinacria, palermo, italy, merckx, ok

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