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DZIEŃ 56, gonitwa 5 (tor 2,4; 10°C) [02:33]
KMET Cup Mile. Najlepiej wystartowały Golden Tirol z Dżazzil i galopując niemal łeb w łeb narzuciły zabójcze tempo. Pozostałe konie galopowały kilka długości za nimi, ale tuż po wyjściu na prostą doścignęły uciekającą parę. 400 m przed celownikiem prowadzenie objął Hefaistos, do walki włączył się także Ypsilon King. Po chwili osłabł Golden Tirol, a do galopującego na pierwszej pozycji Hefaistosa zaczął zbliżać się finiszujący z dalszej pozycji Easy Tiger. Jednak trenowany przez Grzegorza Wróblewskiego w Czechach wałach odparł ten atak i utrzymał przewagę szyi. Trzecie miejsce pewnie zajął Ypsilon King, a czwarte z trudem obroniła Dżazzil przed Starfighterem. Hefaistosa, własności DS. Pegas, dosiadał czeski czempion Václav Janáček. Wałach przebiegł 1600 mw 1'37,3".
Tags: Dzień 56, Tor Służewiec, 24.10.2010, wyścigi konne, polish, horse, racing

Thanks for Making me FIGHTER // Gaming [01:52]
well yes ha im getting very pumped for gaming this year so i made this to get my mind of the show this weekend haha i like it. do you? i wanna know
Tags: horse, horses, barrel, racing, gaming, appaloosacrazy17, pole, bending, aqhq, twh

1997 Suburban Handicap Grade I [02:29]
Skip Away confirmed yesterday that he has risen to the top of his class, battling back to win in the homestretch over Will's Way and Formal Gold in the 111th running of the Suburban Handicap at Belmont Park. Those three horses may be the East Coast's answer to the handicap stars of the West: Gentlemen, Siphon and Sandpit. In any case, they gave stirring performances yesterday. Skip Away opened the year with four straight losses since the memorable day last October when he defeated the great Cigar by a head in the Jockey Club Gold Cup. That was his sixth victory of 1996, and it clinched his election as the champion 3-year-old colt of last season. But this season, he did not win until May 31, when he outdueled Formal Gold by a head with Will's Way third in the Massachusetts Handicap. Then he removed all doubts yesterday. He again showed peak form and the instincts of a classy fighter as the three horses turned for home at the head of the six-horse field with three celebrated jockeys positioning them for the final quarter-mile: Shane Sellers aboard Skip Away, Jerry Bailey on Will's Way and Mike Smith riding Formal Gold. Skip Away was running third behind his two Eastern rivals, but he challenged Will's Way for the lead once on the turn for home, wrested the lead away briefly and then entered the stretch still third and apparently finished. But Sellers moved him from the softer rail to the outside, and Skip Away found the stamina to crank up another rally as he rolled through ...
Tags: belmont, park, horse, racing, skip, away, wills, way, formal, gold, shane, sellers, sonny, hine, tom, durkin

Prijs der Giganten 2005 -Malabar Circle As [03:00]
T. Jansson 1.13.6 (Malabar Man - Eternal Circle) 2 Ambassador As, M. Schmid 1.14.0 3 Jasoda, G. Lannoo 1.14.0 4 Donadoni Ok, H. Wewering 1.14.1 5 Derrick di Jesolo, J. Verbeeck 1.14.1 6 Oak General, M. Schambeck 1.14.1 7 Starfighter Lm, H. Langeweg jr 1.14.2 8 Time of Change, G. Biendl 1.14.2 9 Memphis du Rib, JLC Dersoir 1.15.2 10 Mr Commissioner, HP Tholfsen 1.17.9 ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab prijs der giganten wolvega holland malabar ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, prijs, der, giganten, wolvega, holland, malabar, circle, as

Grote Prijs der Giganten 2007 -Norginio [02:50]
, Joseph Verbeeck 1:14,8 (Capriccio - Farandole du Corta) 2. Keep On Flying, Steen Juul 1:15,6 3. Kings Sugarboy, Heiner Christiansen 1:15,7 4. Expo Bi, Roberto Andreghetti 1:15,8 5. Joker CN, Gerard Vergaerde 1:15,2 6. Macadam Cowboy, Michael Schmid 1:15,9 7. Starfighter LM, Hugo Langeweg 1:16,1 8. Johan, Tom Kooyman jr. 1:16,3 9. Lets Go Roland Hülskath 1:17,0 ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab grote prijs der giganten wolvega holland norginio ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, grote, prijs, der, giganten, wolvega, holland, norginio, lets, go

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