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2003 Kentucky Derby: Full Broadcast [01:05:32]
There on the track was Empire Maker, the impeccably bred favorite with a tender foot, a cocky trainer from Brooklyn and a plurality of the public's money on his back. There was Atswhatimtalknbout, the Hollywood horse, partly owned by movie royalty, and there, too, was Indian Express, the rhythm-and-bluegrass colt whose owner was a legendary record producer in the 1950's. But for the two minutes that count the most on the first Saturday in May, the real star was a New York-bred gelding named Funny Cide, who was sent off at the ''yeah, right'' odds of better than 12-1 and romped off with a victory of a length and three-quarters in the 129th running of the Kentucky Derby. But forget for a moment Funny Cide's glitzier and supposedly more formidable competition. By any standard, this was an improbable victory. A New York-bred had never won the Derby, and the last time a gelding won was in 1929, when Clyde Van Dusen posted a two-length victory. The public was caught unawares, and six buddies from Sackets Harbor, NY, who own Funny Cide and run under the banner of Sackatoga Stable with four other partners were stunned by their good fortune. ''We are a three-horse stable,'' said Jackson Knowlton, one of the owners who bought the gelding for $75000 in a private sale. ''We are the little guys in the game. Everyone who dreams in this game, who owns two or five horses, look at what you can accomplish. Little did we know.'' Maybe it should not have been a surprise that a group of ...

Pony burns a set! [00:31]
Sometimes I forget that she is only 4 and still needs some help between the barrels- should have two-handed her to the third. Still happy with this run!
Tags: pony, rodeo, barrel, racing, horse, horses, sorrel, mare, fast, speeds, Skipahead, Magictime, for, sale, hanna, alberta, canada, riding, and, roping, club

Beverley one year (( we found love )) [03:24]
Read description please! & don't forget to sub4sub! =) I do not claim ownership to the audio in any way, all copyright goes toward it's intended owner/s. this is a non-profit video. I am really late uploading this, like a month late. It took forever to get the clips together and I couldn't find the version of this song that I wanted so I used this instead, I literally spent forever trying to find it and then gave up. I'm not overly pleased with how this video turned out, not my best work at all. Oh well, it shows various clips throughout the past year and a bit. There's like no clips from September 2011 - April 2012 as we were going through a really rough time and I had my accident before Christmas so before/after that things were not great tbh. So the first bareback clip in the purple hoodie is around the time I started gaining confidence back, and the first jumping clips of us together/first canter were mid April 2012 when I truly started riding again, and those were our first jumps and canter together. I had not cantered or jumped in over a year due to various reasons. I hugged her after because I was SO beyond proud of her and how far we both have come. After that we've started truly making progress. It has been a long and bumpy road to get to where we are now, and the road from here won't be easy either, but it is so worth it every single day. I don't know what I would be doing without this mare. I don't think I would have any serious goals for myself or my future if ...
Tags: mare, horse, equine, equestrian, one year. anniversary, hunter, hunters, free lunge, liberty, trot, trotting, canter, jump, jumps, jumping, training, project, lesson, riding lesson, horseback riding, tb, thoroughbred, ottb, off the track, bay, 17.2hh, eng

Deutsches Traber Derby 2012_Vorlauf_03_Indigious 1:17,1_Erik Adielsson [03:45]
Deutsches Traber-Derby (3. Vorlauf) 3 bis 3 jährige Inländer bis 0 EUR Dotierung: 20.000 € (100005000 2500 1250 750 500) Autostart - Distanz: 1.900 m Einlauf: 2 - 5 - 8 Berlin-Mariendorf (Deutschland), 29.07.2012 Starterfeld: 1900 m 1 Iron Steel ,3j. H schwbr 01:15,60 - 3.275,00 € Oscar Schindler Sl / Interstate Victor Gentz 2012: 15,60 5-3-1 3.275,00 € Gentz,Heinrich / Gestüt Lauvenburg 2 Indigious ,3j. H schwbr 01:15,40 - 19.041,00 € Prodigious / Indication Erik Adielsson 2012: 15,40 4-4-0 19.041,00 € Johansson,Stig H. / Stall Express 3 Rapinello ,3j. HF 01:17,26 - 650,00 € Daguet Rapide / Franellas As Josef Franzl jun. 2012: 17,26 3-1-1 650,00 € 2011: 23,84 0-0-0 0,00 € Franzl jun.,Josef / Greindl,Günter 4 Mister John ,3j. H br 01:15,37 - 6.401,00 € Oscar Schindler Sl / Aloe Vera Thomas Panschow 2012: 15,37 6-1-3 3.375,00 € 2011: 19,35 3-0-3 3.026,00 € Holtermann,Gerhard / Holtermann,D./Holzapfel,J. 5 Camiel Kievitshof ,3j. H dbr 01:17,80 - 1.195,00 € Super Arnie / Opera November Hugo Langeweg 2012: 17,80 3-2-1 1.195,00 € Langeweg,Hugo / Gerrits Recycl.Group 6 Haras du Pin ,3j. W br 01:15,68 - 2.450,00 € Pablo As / Here she comes Michael Nimczyk 2012: 15,68 8-0-6 2.450,00 € 2011: 19,94 0-0-0 0,00 € Jauß,Marion A. / Jauß,Marion A. 7 Sir Michel ,3j. H dbr 01:14,10 - 13.493,00 € Offshore Dream / Armbro Motion Michael Schmid 2012: 14,10 7-2-4 12.153,00 € 2011: 18,50 2-0-1 1.340,00 € Kolgjini,Lutfi / Vibelzee BV 8 Lindo Eden ,3j. HF 01:16,16 - 2.270,00 € Unforgettable ...
Tags: Deutsches Traber Derby, 2012, Indigious, Erik Adielsson, Berlin Mariendorf, Deutschland, Germany, Prix, Harness Racing, Trabrennen, Horse Racing, Horse, Horses, Pferde, Cheval, Cavalli, Trav, Traben, Trotto, Speed, Speed Racing, Mythos, Giganten, High Spe

Horse Racing Systems and Automated Wins | Horse Racing Systems [02:09] Very bold claims here from the team at Automated Wins but it's a system that works! It's a cash betting technique that offers a 60-day money back guarantee and has real human support...not a bot. Automated wins is a system of managing your money along with the bets placed. You really have to read the book and follow it implicitly, no cutting corners and missing anything out, it's almost an art but becomes second nature with practice. Horse Racing systems can be full of pitfalls and dangers, but as long as you follow the rules to the book, you won't go wrong. The author and maker of the Automated Wins system, Karl Walker, will send you emails every day and has contacts visiting racecourses throughout the week. Karl tells you what exactly what and how to bet on his picks and his updates are quick, but he gives you plenty of time to place the bet. Horse Racing Systems can sometimes be used once and then forgotten, and that's where the problem lies with most punters, they simply forget the little things that make all the difference. The Automated Wins system needs you to keep on top of your betting and money management and its all there in the guide on how to do it. Keep referring to the guide, don't get complacent and you surely can't fail. This Horse Racing System takes you through the main features of betting on horses and what the Automated Wins system can do to filter out 'calculated' risks instead of just gambling. The factors which funnel down ...
Tags: horse racing systems, horse racing system, Horse Racing Betting, horse race betting, Automated wins, automated wins review, automated wins selections, race betting system, lay betting system, lay horses, betting on horses, racehorse betting, racehorse bet

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