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Prix Tenor de Baune 2010 -Qwerty [03:28]
Vincennes-France, €110.000 - 17/01/2010 - 2.700mt 1. Qwerty, Pierre Levesque 1:12,8 (Quadrophenio - Anne Speed) 2. Quarcio du Chene, Björn Goop 1:13,0 3. Queen´s Glory, Jean-Philippe Dubois 1:13,1 4. Quaker Jet, Jean Etienne Dubois 1:13,1 5. Impeto Grif, Eric Raffin 1:13,6 6. Quisling d´Anjou, Franck Delanoe 1:13,6 7. Quilon du Chatelet, Franck Nivard 1:13,7 8. Quinoa du Gers, Jean Michel Bazire 1:13,7 9. Queen Legend Dominik Locqueneux 1:13,8 740 10. Quid de Chahains Pierre Vercruysse 1:14,1 940 Quick Nevele Jerome Chavatte oz 2090 Queroan de Jay Axel Lenoir oz 740 Quitus du Mexique Sébastien Guarato oz 780 Quela Rive Joseph Verbeeck dr 770 Quilien d´Isques Tony Le Beller
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, prix, tenor, de, baune, vincennes, france, qwerty

Criterium des 5 ans 2009 -Queen's Glory [03:46]
Vincennes-France, €240.000 - 29/08/2009 - 3.000mt 1. Queen´s Glory, Jean Philippe Dubois 1:13,1 (Love You - Know How) 2. Quarla, Franck Nivard 1:13,2 3. Quilien d´Isques, Tony Le Beller 1:13,2 4. Quaker Jet, Jean Etienne Dubois 1:13,2 5. Queen Flore, Eric Raffin 1:13,2 6. Quilea Jiel, Matthieu Abrivard 1:13,4 7. Quinoa du Gers, Jean Michel Bazire 1:13,5 8. Quadro de la Ferme, Jean Baudron 1:13,8 9. Quokine Berry, Ludovic Mollard 1:13,5 10. Quopeck, Séverine Raimond 1:14,3 11. Quid de Chahains, Bernard Piton nt 12. Queroan de Jay, Axel Lenoir rp 13. Quilon du Chatelet, Christophe Martens rp 14. Qwerty, Pierre Levesque rp 15. Quisling d´Anjou, Franck Delanoe rp 16. Quoumba de Guez, Stéphane Delasalle rp 17. Quick Wood, Joseph Verbeeck rp 18. Qualmio de Vandel, Thierry Duvaldestin rp
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, criterium, des, ans, vincennes, france, queen's, glory, quarla

Will Kauto Be A Christmas Star Yet Again? Merry Christmas Everyone! [00:46]
Just an immensley quick little video which I realise is rubbbissssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh. but it's just a bit of fun so whatever. Lets hope the King George isn't lost to the weather and that Kauto wins his fourth in a row!! Go on KAUTO STAR!!!! Woop Woop!! Thank you to all my subbers etc. Yaaaaay!! XD ... "Kauto Star" "King George" "Horse Racing" "Ruby Walsh" "Kempton Park" "4 wins?"
Tags: Kauto Star, King George, Horse Racing, Ruby Walsh, Kempton Park, 4 wins?

CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-11-13, Race 6 [01:50]
D, finished 8; 3-Big Mouth (FL), Saez, L, finished 9; 4-Grand Chateau (KY), Leyva, J, finished 10; 5-Bad Medicine (FL), Cruz, M, finished 3; 6-My Tough Tiger (FL), Henry, Sr., W, finished 5; 7-Colonel Potter (FL), Nunez, E, finished 7; 8-Mylilmanwil (FL), Rivera II, J, finished 4; 9-Hope Defered (KY), Penalba, C, finished 11; 10-Evenforever (FL), Jurado, L, finished 6; 11-Legendary Storm (FL), Kenny, J, finished 12; 13-Givemethirtydays (FL), Coa, E, finished 2; ... horse racing "CALDER RACE ...
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER RACE COURSE

Promo final [02:07]
This thing just stole most of my afternoon, evening and night, no jokes. But I'm pleased as punch with it, whatever that means. Go Zenyatta. :D There's another version of this with racecalls over the portion at the end with the victory count, but I like this one better. The other sounded like a good idea, but eventually seemed a little messy. :3 ... horse racing racehorse race zenyatta breeders cup classic mare mine that bird summer einstein rip van winkle gio ponti ...
Tags: horse, racing, racehorse, race, zenyatta, breeders, cup, classic, mare, mine, that, bird, summer, einstein, rip, van, winkle, gio, ponti

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