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Claiming Races - Come Home [[150 subscribers]] [02:31]
I think this will be my 150 subs video cos it's the first video in a while that I even half like...thank you all so much, i never thought i would get even 10 so thank you!! Sorry for the recycled clips anyway, this is supposed to be about claiming races. I know the quote from Dreamer is overused but it is so true. In racing horses come and go and even if you're really attached to a horse you have to content yourself with the fact that somewhere they're still around, even if they're now on the other side of the country. Otherwise you could never survive in this game. You've got to learn to let go. But the problem with claimers and sellers is that while you always know there's a possibility of the horse not coming home, you don't know if they're going to get claimed right until the last minute. That makes the race even more tense to watch. It's happened to me a few times and it's really awful. Fortunately they never got claimed or were always bid back, but it's still not a nice thing. But still, horses come and go all the time getting sold privately etc, so there's always someone to miss. This is what this is about, the people who miss thm most which is the lads that look after them and the people that work with them at home. The quote is absolutely true. It might seem exaggereated, but believe me it is one hundred percent correct. If the money or the circumstances are right, "every racehorse, everywhere in the world, right now is for sale". Ps. If you read this ...
Tags: Horse Racing Music Video, Claiming races, racehorse, jockeys, grooms, lads, stable, gallops

Over rivers, farms and state lines...Horse Racing [01:00]
Tomas Berdych was unable to sweep one more top seed out of the way in the Wimbledon men's tournament, and was beaten in straight sets in the final by world number 1 Rafael Nadal. Initially Berdych served well, and it looked like the match could be decided on several tie-breaks, but every time Berdych was unable to hold onto his serve at the crucial moment. He was also unable to capitalise on a break point, but he nevertheless played good tennis throughout, although not to level that had seen him dismiss Federer and Djokovic. This was Nadal's second Championship title at Wimbledon after his win in 2008.
Tags: Horse Racing Music Video, Horse Racing, Jockeys, Racehorses, National Hunt, Flat Racing

✰ Rule the World ✰ [01:15]
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 150 SUBSCRIBERS!!! It means so much to me, as does every rating and comment that I get. So thank you all. I will do something proper to mark 150 when I have more time, and better means to do so, than I do now. It actually annoys me so much that I can hardly use any affects! However, I felt I should upload something so that I could thank you all. You might have to wait a while for the real thing... yep, so if you don't know, Kauto Star is an absolute legend of British racing, and in my opinion the best steeplechaser i have ever seen in my lifetime, and will probably ever see! It amazes me that peple still knock him when his record speaks for itself.
Tags: Horse racing music video, Racehorse, Jockey

Horse Racing - Blowing in the Wind [01:51]
Ahhh. this is all flat racing cos its the Derby on saturday so thought I should maybe do something about the flat in honour of that. haha. and I know that a lot of people (not me) prefer the flat to jumps, so this is for those people too. sorry once again about the no effectness etc. blame sony for being idiots. :)
Tags: horse Racing music video, horse racing, jockey, racehorses, gallop, flat racing, derby, epsom

The Beauty of the Racehorse. [01:12]
Thank you 85 subscribers!!! This is...basic at best, but I liked the clips. I do not own music.
Tags: Horse Racing Music Video, Newmarket, Gallops, Racehorse, Passion, Beauty, Elegance, Jockey, Racehorses, Gallop, Race, Training

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