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my first time doing jump courses! 18" - 2' 3"(: {critique?} [01:54]
READDDDDD: -i was jumping in a dressage saddle! i was originally going to have a dressage lesson with no stirrups, then we changed it to jumping without thinking that i had a dressage saddle! haha. -i don't jump that much, i usually ride dressage. but i really like jumping this horse cause he doesn't canter them and get excited. ;p -the high end of the jumps are 2' 3", and of course my horse had to jump that side the most. but that's okay cause that was the highest i've ever jumped so i got used to it.(: -the first course was WAY better because zip wasn't lazy and going to a walk after every jump. xD -this was my first lesson doing actual jumping courses. usually i just do single jumps! Zip is a 15 hand Quarter Horse gelding. He is a rescue, too. He is the top scoring dressage lesson horse at our barn, and he is a great jumper even though he has never been shown it it. CRITIQUING IS ACCEPTABLE. JUST REMEMBER WHAT I WROTE UP THERE! I USUALLY RIDE DRESSAGE, I WAS IN A DRESSAGE SADDLE, AND 2" 3' WAS THE HIGHEST I HAVE EVER JUMPED.
Tags: dressage, jumping, jumper, hunter, seat, equitation, horse, horses, horseback, horse-back, riding, combined, training, quarter, critique, show, hunt, horse training, cheval, lesson, racing, review, stallion

{never thought I'd see you BREAK} [04:11]
I do not own music! song is Haunted By Taylor Swift. SO this is a snow day at HNGF. the part where me and my friend trotting and cantering together is when we were playing tag. :) i really like this video :) it makes me happy lol. I rode Charlie today, Maggie rode Deuce, Addie rode Justine, and Adelaide rode Revi .. (of course ;) ) it was ALOT of fun :D cant wait till saturday :) ohh sooo much fun! yessss. PLease since i made the time to make this video please take 5 seconds to COMMENT RATE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: mary, addie, maggie, nikki, adelaide, rachel, HNGF, hickory, nut, gap, farm, barn, snow, day, ice, canter, tag, on, horseback, horses, horse, race, green, wild, gallop, bolt, herd, amazing, cream, charlie, revi, justine, deuce

Capitan Jack, Weanling Horse Colt [01:07]
Congratulations Charles Williams of Winbak Farm in Montgomery, NY on the purchase of this fabulous weanling. Jack will remain in training with Lexy Hall Stables.
Tags: Horse, equine, colt, bay, foal, baby, horseback riding, pony, payne farm too, payne farm, struzzieri, hits, jumping, english, western, trail rides, show, horses, stallion, racing, dressage

Horse Video Contest OPEN Dec2010!!! [01:11]
READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuppp :DD Please enter!!! PRIZES 1st- one speedpaint video dedicated to you (if you dont know what they are see my channel!) only if you want it. and 3 subs, 2 friends, 2 comments 2nd- 2 subs, 1 friend, 2 comments 3rd- 1 sub, 1 friend I know the prizes aren't the BEST but this is just for fun!!! (mostly:D)
Tags: horsebackriding, horses, horeriding, horsecompetition, horse, video, competition, teaser, sneak peek, please, enter, horseshoe, saddle, bridle, riding, jumping, dressage, official, racing, stallion

Tony McCoy on Horse Racing - Sportsvibe TV [09:00]
Sportsvibe galloped up to Ascot to grab a word with legendary jockey Tony McCoy. See Tony talk about his unrivaled success on horseback, finally winning the Grand National and giving his thoughts on his beloved Arsenal.
Tags: Tony mccoy, AP mccoy, horse racing, Ascot, Cheltenham, Aintree, Grand National, 2010, jockey, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Arsenal, Sport, Sportsvibe,, Sportsvibe TV

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