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Secretariat - Forever A Legend [02:27]
This horse has the ability, even though he has long since passed, to capture the hearts of the people. He did it the first time during a time when people needed a distraction from the world and the problems around them. With this film he will live forever, as a immortal that will continue to hold the hearts of man. Elders that saw him run, Children that barely remember, and now... He has opened the eyes of people today. To show that if you really want something, try. "Its the will to win, if you can, and live with it if you cant." Never before have I seen something or someone capture the hearts of so MANY people more than this horse. He has had the chance to live a second life. He will Forever be A Legend. This tribute covers the birth, a few days old, his first time out training, and his most famous race - The Belmont Stakes. Something happened at some point in the making of this video because it is NOT what i had finalized. I DO NOT OWN ANY PART OF THIS MV!!!! I DO NOT OWN THE VIDEO!!!! I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC!!!! I DONT OWN ANYTHING!!!!
Tags: sports, entertainment, pets & animals, film, education, secretariat, legend, 2011, tribute, secretariat forever a legend, top 100 athletes, kentucky derby, preakness, belmont, horse racing, horses, horse, race, racing

Adelina Dancer (Our Emblem - Immortal Dancer) CT Campinas [00:45]
Treino da Adelina Dancer (PSI) Ct Campinas. Our Emblem e Immortal Dancer por Roi Normand.
Tags: Adelina, Dancer, Cavalo, Corrida, de, cavalos, Turfe, Jockey, Clube, horse training, horses

SECRETARIAT - 1973 Kentucky Derby [02:12]
The 1973 Kentucky Derby won by the immortal SECRETARIAT in the record-smashing time of 1:59 2/5 that stands to this day.
Tags: Thoroughbred, Horse, Racing, SECRETARIAT, Sham, Our, Native, 1973, Kentucky, Derby, Chic, Anderson, Churchill, Downs, Louisville, Northern, Dancer

2010 Charles Town Invitational Dash [01:18]
2010 Charles Town Invitational Dash ($100000, 3&up, 4 1/2 furlongs) June 19, 2010 1. Immortal Eyes (Trn: Damon Dilodovico, Jky: Erick Ramirez) 2. Ju Jitsu Jax (Trn: Scott Lake, Jky: JD Acosta) 3. Trust or Bust (Trn: Paul McClelland, Jky: Gerald Almodovar)
Tags: hollywood, casino, charles, town, races, ctrs, west, virginia, horse, racing, invitational, dash, immortal, eyes, ju, jitsu, jax, trust, or, bust

Probably the 2nd greatest race horse ever [06:59]
Watch as the little brother of 'True Brew' (the greatest race horse ever), Louisthefourteenth, shows that he didn't lick his talent off the floor with a dominant & tenacious gut busting run to continue the winning tradition of his family made famous by the immortal True Brew. Get on board as 'The King' will be chalking up a picket fence next to his name in the near future!
Tags: greatest, race, horse, ever, phar, lap, makybe, diva, secretariat, sea, biscuit, arkle, the, stars, red, rum

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