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Reno: WIHA Barrel Run 9-26-10 [00:26]
This is just one of the runs I made on Reno at the show I was just at. The first barrel is my main problem, due to the fact that Reno runs not only harder but turns a bit wider at actual shows, especially in large areas or outdoors. (He runs better indoors) I will get it eventually. I might be making another run on him on this weekend. Guess it'll depend on how busy my schedule is. PS I honestly don't need advice from anyone on here. I'm in the right hands.
Tags: animal, animals, horse, horses, barrel, race, racing, barrels, reno, WIHA

Summer twentyTEN // LucyRossOx Contest Entry ;) [02:06]
I DON'T OWN THIS MUSIC!! ITS FOR ENTERTAINMENT USE ONLY Yay this video was soo much fun to make :D brings back lots of amazing memories of summer. Even though I've ended Charlie's share which is heartbreaking, I'm moving on and up and I know it's the right decision. So I've based my video on all the best, happiest, adrenaline filled moments rather than the sad times :) It's hard to believe that this time last year I was at a riding schooling plodding round in circles and getting butterflies jumping a 2'6 upright :LI owe so much to these horses :D Charlie = black welsh d Henry = bay welsh c Scarlet = chestnut welsh d lol i only ride welshies ;) This summer has been awesome :D my ridings improved loads. I went to three shows on charlie and got placed in every class :D :D I got Scarlet on loan and took her bsja course schooling at welly Spent tonnes of time with MiriamMaccy (girl in vid on bay pony) and had some pretty awesome hacks DISCLAIMER: I don't gallop and jump my horses off their legs. These are are just the best moments I've had spread out over three months :L x
Tags: x0remi0x, miriammaccy, summer, 2010, jump, horse, gallop, pony, welsh d, fun, hack, school, wellington riding, indoor, bsja, showjump, schooling, training, fillers, home, field, xc, scarlet, charlie, henry, race

start as you mean to go on... [02:37]
Well,begginging of april,its been a good one too! These clips are my 2nd? time riding ella,rememer she is a fresh off the track ex racer,hence the no outline ect,but she is coming on amazingly! I will get some more clips of her this week,a she has started to go better! and this is thumper at gg center,a few jump vids and galloping ones haha! she won everything i raced :) and the jumping clips look smaller then they was they was about 3ft-1meter ish on video,at the highest in the bounce but when we went round to the indoor we was jumping bigger! But the grandaddy didnt record that,sillyy :(. We'd also have hell of alot more clips,but my grandad also always forgets to take the cap off the camera! i dont know haha. so enjoy,enjoy the sun,enjoy it all! PS. I HAVE MY FIRST (NATRUAL) TAN OF THE YEAR.EEEEEK! loves xxxxx
Tags: lauren, johnson, osbournes, pride, exceed, elegance, ex, race, horse, reschooling, of, racehorses, showjumping, gg, center

100% Cowgirl - 350 Subscribers [03:41]
Read this please: - Just to start with... 2009 was a great show season for Dollie and myself. It was our first year showing and her first year on barrels and poles. As a few of you know, I started working her on barrels in late December of '08. Since taking her to our first show, I've become addicted to barrel racing and pole bending and so has Dollie. - That brings me up to my next topic. There is a slight chance that we will be competing in two series this year (RHCC and TSC). I may or may not take Dollie to a few other events later in the summer / fall. It just depends on our schedule and whatever else would bring up an issue in going. - That being said, If I do start running in two series, that would mean I'd be posting more videos more often but they would mainly be of our runs from the shows. I will still be posting music video type things like this like I ha
Tags: dollie, black, white, paint, mare, 16hh, tobiano, homozygous, texas, shots, sorrel, 14.3hh, barrel, racing, pole, bending, big, speed, two, cow, horse, spur, one, bucket, flag, race, flags, tsc, rhcc, terrell, wade, indoor, arena, old, 34, quinlan

Practice Barrel "Run" [00:22]
just loping and trotting... going to first we were in the wrong lead but after that she was good, and went real wide going into second.... bringing her to an indoor arena this next week to do more training and actually RUN the pattern! :) i'll have updated videos on the 7th probably.. give me tips but no harsh comments as i know that happens on here alot. lol
Tags: barrel racing, loping, trotting, QH, horse

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