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Royal Blue Star wins the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Cup Gr.3 by a street [03:17]
Royal Blue Star (Sunday Doubt-Razpazazz) scores in the Queen Elizabeth II Cup Gr.3 for trainer Vijay Singh and jockey Neeraj Rawal
Tags: bangalore, Calcutta, winter, monsoon, turf, 2011, 競馬赛马hippisme, cavallo, race, caballo, India, Horse, Racing, Keiba, Filly, Indian, Punjab, Kolkata, Queen, Elizabet, Cup, Royal, Blue, Star, Neeraj, Rawal, Vijay, Singh, Sunday, Doubt

Old Man Silver Fox wins in Class One at Calcutta, his 12th career victory [01:51]
Silver Fox (Elusive Pimpernel-Silver Reflet) Scores for trainer Vijay Singh and jockey Neeraj Rawal.
Tags: bangalore, Calcutta, winter, monsoon, turf, 2011, 競馬赛马hippisme, cavallo, race, caballo, India, Horse, Racing, Keiba, Filly, Indian, Punjab, Kolkata, silver, fox, Neeraj, Rawal, Vijay, Singh

Monty Roberts inspired join up on a race horse [06:26]
Blue Jay is a 5 years old race horse , who has lots of issues , due to an accident , and a bad treatment from brutal trainers , he was a lost case , very aggressive , head-shy , and dominant stallion charging and attacking people . He used to be confined in his inner world escaping from people and biting pretty heard if you come near . His jokey and him were like cats and dog and it was an everyday struggle . His owner Mohamad decided to take him out of the race and let him have a great and friendly life . I removed every single painful device , and hopefully every single painful memories . Horse have this unbeatable thing we hardly have ,COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS . Blue react so efficiently to his new life that from first day he was already bitless (from doctor Cook bridle ) in the paddock , the day after in the open desert and the challenging street without pulling or protesting , he was showing of waiting for his mouth to hurt , but found nothing in return to his behavior . Every day with Blue is a joy , discovering a graceful delicate personality, he do reject any kind of pressure but is willing to do anything you want by a simple thought even ! he ask for kindness and extreme softness in handling him as if he is made of porcelain . what he give you is a million time rewarding . Our adventure is only 3 weeks old and already Blue is another horse . I'm so proud of him you have no idea !
Tags: Monty, Roberts, Live, Arena, Horse, Racing, natural, horsemanship, in, kuwait, Mohamas, Al, Sayed, blue, Jay, doctor, Cook, Bitless, bridle, training, dificult, cheval, difficile, dressage, de, chevaux, course, dificile, resulta, du, join, up, Jumping, Ri

Daniele Francescato Barrel Racing Miss Jay N Anderson - Cinzano [00:42]
Questa specialità ha un percorso standard, chiamato pattern, che segue una misurazione internazionale stabilita dalle associazioni americane. I tre barili devono essere posti ai vertici di un triangolo isoscele a una distanza di sicurezza di almeno 6 metri dallo steccato (fence), cioè la recinzione dell'arena. Se l'arena è abbastanza grande i barili che formano la base del triangolo, vengono posti, a 18,2 m della linea di partenza, distanti l'uno dall'altro 27,4 m, mentre il terzo barile sarà posto ad una distanza di 32 m. Il tempo parte quando il naso del cavallo raggiunge la linea di partenza e sarà fermato quando il naso del cavallo attraverserà la linea d'arrivo. È consentita la partenza con rincorsa. Al segnale dello starter, il concorrente dovrà correre al barile sulla sua destra, girargli intorno tenendolo sulla destra, completare il giro di circa 360° e dirigersi verso il secondo barile, girandogli attorno allo stesso modo ed infine completare il percorso roteando attorno al terzo e ultimo barile. Il concorrente completerà il percorso correndo alla linea d'arrivo passando tra i primi due barili. Questo percorso può essere fatto anche al contrario, partendo da sinistra. Una penalità di 5 secondi è attribuita nel caso in cui il cavaliere perda il cappello o il caschetto nell'esecuzione della prova, oppure nel caso in cui faccia cadere un barile. Al concorrente è permesso, inoltre, di toccare il barile durante la prova, anche per impedirne la caduta. Il giudici di ...
Tags: Daniele, Francescato, Barrel, Racing, Cinzano, Quarter, Horses, Horse, Cerone, Strambino, Cavalli, Cavallo, Maneggio, lbergamin, 70

Get us to the Winner's Circle on time [03:28]
After the pacer Swingopolitan wins at the Fryeburg Fair, the team takes a wild ride to the winner's circle on the courtesy ATV.
Tags: harness racing, Fryeburg Fair, horse racing, fall, Maine, tourism outdoor sports, hjayburns

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