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Sr. Champ Onboard 10/21/12 - Pomfret / Heat Race [03:37]
Onboard footage of the Sr. Champ Heat Race from Pomfret Speedway in Connecticut. Today is the Fright Fest. I started 3rd for the Heat Race and was able to move into 2nd past Josh, the President of the Tri-State Kart Club, in the #29 kart and literally stay glued to Brandon's bumper on the #62 kart. After a few laps, the kart got tight and I started to slow down. I lost 2nd to Glen, who normally drives the #4 kart, in the #15x kart and in the end I finishd 3rd. The track was like a cheese grater. The yellow letter Vega tires I had on, were used up pretty good. There was a lot of rubber build-up on the inside of the tire. The cause of me getting tight could have been from the rubber build-up. I would start 6th for the Feature Race later on, since we were split into two groups. I raced in the second group.

F1 Fans Kart Championship Athens 2012 - rotax kart - harris [09:09]
F1 Fans Kart Championship Athens 2012 - rotax kart - harris Με αφορμή την τρίτη θέση στο πρωτάθλημα ο τσακιλτζης βρέθηκε στην ευχάριστη θέση να οδηγήσει το rotax της πίστας . 2 λόγια από τον ίδιο : Στην αρχή μπήκα φοβισμένα .. στην θεωρία ήξερα πολλά , στην πράξει τπτ . Έχω Πάνο από 240 γύρους στην πίστα , αλλά με το rotax είναι σαν να την μάθαινα από την αρχή . Γύρο με τον γύρο έβρισκα τα πατήματα μου και βελτίωνα τον γύρο μου . κατάφερα να κρατήσω σταθερό ρυθμό στους 3 τελευταίους γύρους με καλύτερο χρόνο 30.24 . δυο δευτερόλεπτα ποιο Πάνο από τους χρόνους που θεωρούνται πάρα πολλοί καλοί . αν συμπεράνει κανείς ότι σε κάθε γύρο έφτανα το 100 % σε 1 κομμάτι κάθε φορά και ποτέ έναν γύρο ολόκληρο τέρμα ) τα πήγα αρκετά καλά . επίσης ήταν απόγευμα και η πίστα δεν προσφέρονταν για καλούς χρόνος , αλλιώς εύκολα θα είχα κατέβει το 30 .

Sr .Champ Onboard 10/13/12 - Twin State / Feature Race [00:31]
Onboard footage of the Sr. Champ Feature Race from Twin State Speedway in New Hampshire. Today is the Fall Challenge 2012 Special Event. We got to race on the big 1/3 mile oval, not the short oval. I thought that racing on the bigger oval was a little bit more fun than the smaller oval, since you can run wide open on the bigger oval. My Dad forgot to record the Heat Race. I guess his age is starting to kick in. I started in 3rd for the Heat Race and finished 2nd. For the Feature Race, I started 2nd. I somewhat knew that we were going to be at a disadvantage when I ran in Practice. Dave in the #5 kart and the other three people in the #11, #13 and #82 kart ran on Open Motors. I ran on my WKA Animal Motor and it was a huge mistake to run on that motor. We should have brought our Open Motor to the race, since I would have a chance at the victory. We ran well though with the WKA Animal Motor and was somewhat competitive. I possible had a chance to pull off an upset today and win with a WKA motor, while the rest of the field ran on Open Motors. Unfortunetely, on the first lap, my race ended. The #82 kart got around me going into the first turn. I had a run on him coming out of the first bend, but he cut me off on the outside line. In the second bend, he tries to pass Dave in the #5 kart and loses it. I almost successfully evaded him, but my kart got into the marbles and slammed the outside wall. I bent my right front spindle and damaged the right front tire. This is why I can ...

F1 Fans Kart Championship Athens 2012 - ΑΓΩΝΑΣ 10 - B ΜΕΡΟΣ [07:40]
F1 Fans Kart Championship Athens 2012 - ΑΓΩΝΑΣ 10 - B ΜΕΡΟΣ

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