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Rodeo Weekend ! [02:50]
Had a bad day and a good one, but don't we all ? Haha several of my friends and family are SCREAMING in the background (: enjoy !
Tags: Horse, Rodeo, Barrel, Racing, Music, Video, Fancy, Bad, Mishaps, Spasms, Jerks, Miranda, Lambert, Bring, Me, Down, Baby, love, tutorial, riding, bp, broken, pattern, good, time, fast, run, kick, go, gallop, three, barrels, two, hearts, one, dream, livin,

PR. UNICA Stakes 4 Y 17.05.2012 Brandy Energy (Christophe Martens - Patrick Wauters) [04:11]
Pr. bvba UNICA sprl Stakes 4 years 2300 m Glin Mons Brandy Energy - Christophe Martens 1.16.23 Enzo trafo 1.16.26 Uka Pellois 1.16.37 Brent Boko 1.16.53 Exelsior 1.16.78 second stakes race, second win!
Tags: Glin, brandy, energy, brent, boko, horse, racing, enzo, trafo, uka, pellois, hippodroom, draf, trot, bturf, wauters, kg, elektro, goeminne, christophe, martens, unica, exelsior

2012年 第34回 新潟大賞典(GIII) / ヒットザターゲット [02:10]
2012年5月6日新潟競馬 [払い戻し・結果は下記参照] サラ系4歳以上 オープン (国際)[指定] ハンデ 16頭 2000m 芝・左外 曇:稍重1着 : 1 ヒットザターゲット [牡4 56.0kg 古川吉洋 5番人気] 【1:59.0】 2着 : 5 ダンツホウテイ [牡7 56.0kg 吉田豊 11番人気] 2 3着 : 4 メイショウカンパク [牡5 56.0kg 吉田隼人 9番人気] ハナ** 1番人気 9 : ダノンバラード [牡4 57.0kg 三浦皇成] 4着 ** 単勝1 : 1010円 5番人気 複勝1 : 350円 4番人気5 : 860円 11番人気4 : 400円 7番人気枠連1-3 : 6790円 27番人気馬連1-5 : 12340円 43番人気 馬単1-5 : 20250円 81番人気 ワイド1-5 : 3180円 43番人気1-4 : 1990円 31番人気4-5 : 3190円 44番人気3連複1-4-5 : 43450円 135番人気 3連単1-5-4 : 306700円 852番人気
Tags: 2012年第34回新潟大賞典, ヒットザターゲット, ダンツホウテイ, メイショウカンパク, 古川吉洋, 吉田豊, 吉田隼人, JRA, 中央競馬, Japan Racing Association, Horse

TCat and Lion heart walking back to the barn.MOV [02:33]
Here are our two big 2yo's on their way back to the barn, sorry for the background noise the golf cart had knobby tires and it rattled like a son of a gun. Any way as you can see these boys have grown and matured into two very nice horses. either one would be a nice addition to your stable!
Tags: Horse racing, training, Race, horses Riding, excersizing, jockeys, riders, Florida Equestrian

Eliza interviews owners of Zafranagar whose son rode their horse to victory! [02:18]
Promising young jockey George Downing rode a strong, determined finish to gain victory on Zafranagar in the Apprentice Handicap at Doncaster's Lincoln meeting. Eliza interviews the horse's owners; who are also George's parents...! George can be seen in the background talking to race sponsor John Hughes who sponsored the race for apprentice jockeys. John's company Universal Recycling produces three different types of specialised surfaces for schooling and all weather gallops and tracks made from recycled cables.
Tags: Jockey, apprentice, claimer, strong, horse, racing, Zafrangar, George, Downing, Doncaster, Lincoln, meeting, Eliza, model, love, the, races, voice, of, leather, gloves, jacket, North, beach, Michael, Hoban, fashion, hat, millinery, vintage, military, look

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