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Horse Racing Accidents [01:35]
The series that brings you the very worst in sports disasters from around the world. This video shows various high speed horse racing accidents.
Tags: sports, disasters, funny, comedy, ian, lee, horse, racing, dangerous, jockey, lucky, accident, fall, thrown, injury, survival

Harvey Pack & Jockey Bill Boland [06:20]
anniversary with wife Sandra July 25. They raised two daughters, Sharon and Cynthia, and after Cynthia, her husband Bruce Sheringham, and their daughter Ellie were killed in a tragic fire, Boland raised his other granddaughter, Jennifer, who was the only survivor. Jerkens summed up Boland's induction best by saying, "It is so wonderful because it looked like it had passed him by. For him to get in is just great." ... horse racing harvey pack bill boland steward jockey kentucky derby video ...
Tags: horse, racing, harvey, pack, bill, boland, steward, jockey, kentucky, derby, video, interview

Gary Stevens - Thunder And Reins [02:08]
YES, I know. 'Unbreakable' is supposed to be done. The stupid music file got corrupted, so I need to redownload the mp3 before I can finish the silly thing. Throwing you a bone. Again. ;D clips - 'Thunder And Reins' photography - 'Thunder And Reins' music - 'Thunder And Reins' edit - 'Thunder And Reins' program - ? ... silver charm kentucky derby churchill downs riding ruffian productions horse pony race win victory for the roses
Tags: silver, charm, kentucky, derby, churchill, downs, riding, ruffian, productions, horse, pony, race, win, victory, for, the, roses

Finlandia Ajo 2008 -Oiseau de Feux [03:05]
de Feux, Jean Michel Bazire 1:11,3 (Biesolo - Danseuse du Coq) 2. Simb Chaplin, Markku Nieminen 1:11,5 3. Jaded, Örjan Kihlström 1:11,5 4. Citation, Björn Goop 1:11,7 5. Express Merett, Pekka Korpi 1:11,7 6. Opal Viking, Jorma Kontio 1:11,7 7. Camilla Highness, Peter Ingves 1:11,8 8. Niky, Bernard Piton 1:11,9 9. Aslak, Petteri Joki 1:11,9 ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab finlandia ajo vermo helsinki oiseau de feux simb chaplin jaded opal viking ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, finlandia, ajo, vermo, helsinki, oiseau, de, feux, simb, chaplin, jaded, opal, viking

ARLINGTON PARK, 2009-07-15, Race 9 [01:20]
6; 2-Mike's Gust O (KY), Straight, M, finished 7; 3-Tchefuncte Charlie (KY), Campbell, J, finished 8; 4-Begriff (MD), Sterling, Jr., L, finished 2; 5-Coughsgone (KY), Emigh, C, finished 4; 6-Esperanto (IL), Karlsson, I, finished 5; 7-Tokyo Bay (KY), Graham, J, finished 11; 8-First Guess (KY), Sanchez, D, finished 3; 9-Ready to Romp (KY), Riggs, T, finished 9; 10-Seven Mile Bridge (LA), Bridgmohan, J, finished 1; 11-Sweet Fleet Feet (FL), Lopez, U, finished 10; ... horse racing ARLINGTON PARK ...
Tags: horse, racing, ARLINGTON, PARK

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