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The Fallon Countdown - Part 3 [08:43]
Kieren Fallon discusses the 2009 Flat season so far, assessing the performances of Sea The Stars, Sariska and the international raiders at Royal Ascot, before nominating the one big race ride he would love to land this autumn. ... Kieren Fallon Champion Jockey Horse Racing Comeback Newmarket Sea The Stars Sariska Action Sports Talk
Tags: Kieren, Fallon, Champion, Jockey, Horse, Racing, Comeback, Newmarket, Sea, The, Stars, Sariska, Action, Sports, Talk

CALDER RACE COURSE, 2009-08-21, Race 10 [01:30]
COURSE, 2009-08-21, Race 10: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-Saravasrhythm (FL), Lopez, M, finished 2; 2-How Ya Wynn (FL), Henry, Sr., W, finished 5; 3-Sugar Sand (FL), Garcia, J, finished 7; 4-High Dollar Escort (KY), Galviz, W, finished 9; 5-Minigirl (FL), Boraco, D, finished 8; 7-East Coast Girl (CA), Leyva, J, finished 4; 8-Kinichna (FL), Lezcano, A, finished 3; 9-Longlastinglove (FL), Sanchez, J, finished 1; 10-Charlotteelizabeth (FL), Ribera, S, finished 6; ... horse racing CALDER RACE COURSE ...
Tags: horse, racing, CALDER, RACE, COURSE

Campionato Europeo di Cesena 2nd Heat 2002 -Presta Yankee [02:29]
Cesena-Italy, 07/09/2002 - 1.660mt 1 Presta Yankee, M. Redl 1.12.8 (Prestadet e Yankee Tea) 2 Yatzy Brodda, J. Kontio 1.13.1 3 Legendary Lover K, S. Juul 1.13.1 4 Tinak Mo, B. Loverde 1.13.3 5 Allison Hollow, A. Pollini 1.13.4 6 Zidane Om, L. Baldi 1.13.4 7 Voyant, G. Minnucci 1.13.7 8 Fan Idole, RW Denechere 1.15.1 9 Vidar, B. Lindblom rp ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab campionato europeo di cesena savio italy presta yankee fan idole ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, campionato, europeo, di, cesena, savio, italy, presta, yankee, fan, idole, legendary, Lover

Horse Show! WOOHOO!!! [04:07]
WATCH IN HQ!! um, well, yeah, camera died so I only got contesting, but, joker and I hadn't really contested in a long time, or practiced it atleast, haha,but he did good, 2nd in barrels, 3rd in keyhole, 3rd in poles, and DQ in flags, he was being a butthead, but oh well, i love him anyways, and rhuie was good (but i didn't get in on camera), he got 2 3rds and a 2nd, fun!!!
Tags: horses, barrel, racing, pole, bending, key, hole, flag, race, horse, show, contesting

Rekordförsöket 2009 -Commander Crowe [02:15]
Uhrberg 1:10,7 (Juliano Star - Somack) 2. Debbie Brodda, Erik Adielsson 1:10,9 3. Caramba Hall, Åke Svanstedt 1:11,0 4. Skogans Joker, Torbjörn Jansson 1:11,0 5. Sundance Clover, Conrad Lugauer 1:11,0 6. Stargirl, Kenneth Haugstad 1:11,7 7. Laddie, Peter Untersteiner 1:11,7 8. Micro Mesh, Johnny Takter 1:12,1 9. Shiburre, Michael Lönborg 1:13,0 ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica rekordforsoket tinsgryd sweden commander crowe sundance clover debbie brodda ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, rekordforsoket, tinsgryd, sweden, commander, crowe, sundance, clover, debbie, brodda

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