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Mario washes Zenyatta's hooves -- Churchill Downs 11/3/10 [03:40]
It's a little nippy on the morning of November 3, 2010 at Churchill Downs, so Mario leaves the blanket on Zenyatta after her exercise and washes her hooves. Notice how many people have gathered to watch the race horse bath ritual. Zenyatta is sporting her Ladies' Classic blanket from 2008. Later she changes into her 2009 BC blanket. What a "clothes horse" she is. :-)
Tags: Zenyatta, horse, horse racing, Churchill Downs, Breeders' Cup, Classic, bath, exercise, hoof, hooves

Zenyatta schooling in the HP paddock 10/1/10 - game to race! [08:08]
Zenyatta schooling in the paddock the day before the Lady's Secret at Oak Tree at Hollywood Park. At about 4 and a half minutes into this, she hears the start of the second race, and wants to get in there and kick some $40000 maiden claimer #ss. (She had been intimidating them in the paddock, LOL) Mario is masterful calming down this 17.2 hand, 1200 pound excited horse who is rarin' to show her racing skills. Luckily she gets her opportunity the very next day.
Tags: Zenyatta, Oak Tree, Hollywood Park, paddock, schooling, excited, Mario, horse, horse racing, race horse, Thoroughbred, horseman

Zenyatta paws, prances, and gives a closeup in the HP paddock (10/1/10) [01:41]
Zenyatta paws and prances a bit in the Hollywood Park paddock the day before the Lady's Secret Stakes. Another horse jumps out of the way as our girl paws the ground. I'm the one who says "Wow" as she walks by right in front of me, on the way to go get sprayed off with a hose (in another video.)
Tags: Zenyatta, Hollywood Park, Lady's Secret, horse, horse racing, Mario, prances, dances, paws, intimidates, wow

VIDEO - After Apple Blossom 2010, kudos to Just Jenda for running with Zenyatta [00:37]
Horses coming back from the 2010 Apple Blossom, giving kudos to Larry and Cindy Jones' Just Jenda for running with Zenyatta.
Tags: Zenyatta, horse racing, horses, Just Jenda, Larry Jones, Cindy Jones, John Shirreffs, Mario, Meek, Oaklawn, Apple Blossom, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Premio Mario Locatelli Finale 2010 -Island Effe [02:54]
-Italy, €44.000 - 24/01/2010 - 1.600mt 1 Island Effe, R. Vecchione 1.11.3 (Lemon Dra - Dotty Effe) 2 Le Touquet, P. Gubellini 1.11.3 3 Italiano, E. Bellei 1.11.7 4 Lobelia, G. Fulici 1.12.4 5 Self Admirer, D. Nuti 1.12.8 6 Lover Power, A. Guzzinati 1.12.9 7 Sir Hajo, M. Castaldo 1.13.2 8 Gondran, M. Guzzinati 1.13.3 9 Inox Font, F. Martinelli 1.13.8 ... attele trot harness racing trav trotto cheval cavalli horse corse ippica trab premio mario locatelli san siro milano island effe le touquet ...
Tags: attele, trot, harness, racing, trav, trotto, cheval, cavalli, horse, corse, ippica, trab, premio, mario, locatelli, san, siro, milano, island, effe, le, touquet, italiano

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