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FAIR GROUNDS, 2010-02-14, Race 2 [02:10]
Entries: Thoroughbred Race, FAIR GROUNDS, 2010-02-14, Race 2: (Pgm-Runner-Jockey-Finish) 1-She's a Bandit (LA), Gonzalez, C, finished 11; 2-Almost Impressed (LA), Bonnet, C, finished 4; 3-Deenameetay (LA), Agilar, T, finished 3; 4-JB's Charisma (LA), Torres, F, finished 10; 5-Hometown Hottie (LA), Hernandez, Jr., B, finished 5; 6-Ya' At' Eeh (LA), Clark, K, finished 8; 7-Miss Dylan (LA), Lanerie, C, finished 1; 8-Lady Plainview (LA), Eramia, R, finished 9; 9-Betsy Laverne (LA), Riquelme, J, finished 2; 10-Sarah Is Able (LA), Mena, M, finished 7; 11-Lacie J (LA), Sellers, S, finished 6;

Baileys horse racing in Madrid [01:29]
Racehorse Mix is a particularly palatable, energy dense mix formulated to meet the demands of race and performance horses in intense work. Best cleaned bruised oats are combined with a blend of micronised cereals to provide readily available energy to meet the requirements of anaerobic respiration during periods of fast work, as well as providing a readily available source of vital glucose for brain and organ function. The mix also contains a blend of oils from soya and linseed to provide ...
Tags: horse racing, Madrid, Mijas, Sevlle

FAIR GROUNDS, 2009-12-26, Race 3 [02:17]
-Finish) 1-Color Coming In (LA), Bourque, C, finished 1; 2-My Brianna (LA), Bankston III, E, finished 9; 3-Miss Dylan (LA), Lanerie, C, finished 2; 4-Jake's Agenda (LA), Torres, F, finished 8; 5-Deenameetay (LA), Agilar, T, finished 3; 6-Dollar Cotton (LA), Jacinto, J, finished 5; 7-Almost Impressed (LA), Faul, R, finished 4; 8-My Buttons (LA), Brown, M, finished 10; 9-Wet Bottom (LA), Sellers, S, finished 6; 10-Miss Flipp Flatter (LA), Martin, Jr., E, finished 7; ... horse racing "FAIR GROUNDS" ...
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FAIR GROUNDS, 2009-12-04, Race 10 [02:06]
0; 2-Miss Flipp Flatter (LA), Bourque, C, finished 0; 3-Almost Mary (LA), Dugas, D, finished 0; 4-Betsy Laverne (LA), Eramia, R, finished 0; 5-Almost Impressed (LA), Martin, Jr., E, finished 0; 6-Chocolate Power (LA), Gonzalez, C, finished 0; 7-Dollar Cotton (LA), Jacinto, J, finished 0; 8-She's a Movie Star (LA), Zimmerman, R, finished 0; 9-Lee's Zeal (LA), Melancon, J, finished 0; 10-My Buttons (LA), Brown, M, finished 0; 11-Deenameetay (LA), Bonnet, C, finished 0; ... horse racing "FAIR ...
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Horse Racing Speed Handicapping [01:33]
Black'n'Brew snatches victory on the line to win at 8-1. The Actuary's Top Rated using a revolutionary, completely unique, profitable method of compiling speed handicapping ratings.The Actuary compiles ratings for all UK All Weather meetings.
Tags: Horse, Racing, Tips, results, fixtures, speed, handicapping, all, weather, kempton, lingfield

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